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The description of Airborne Motocross

Make it a flying bike game they said

A glider mounted on a dirt bike. That's the idea behind Airborne Motocross. You will spend a lot of time flying your bike in the air instead of racing on the ground. Especially once you've combined your bike’s hang glider with a nitro booster.

― “Offroad racing has a totally new meaning now. Wohoo!!! I love my flying bike.”

It's unlike any other bike or car racing game you’ve played before. Airborne Motocross mashes glider games into racing games and the result is one fun adventure ride. Dash through the tracks and race others in async multiplayer to win items. Blow up obstacles with the rocket launcher. Protect yourself with a force field. Defy gravity - jump - FLY

― Made by the creator of Sunset Bike Racer.

Multiplayer (async) & Leaderboards

Mad skills are required to make it to the very top of the leaderboards. You can use your items to speed up your dirt bike. But don't make the mistake of thinking there is no skill involved. Performing stunts at the right time requires pratice. Showing off with a frontflip or a wheely while racing is not only stylish, stunt racing will also charge your nitro booster.

You can race offline but if you do you run the risk of not showing up in the leaderboards. You can play in the subway, on the plane, in the car or even on the toilet. Don´t miss a chance to improve your bike handling skills.
Though, don't forget to backup your savegame if you do some offline moto racing!

Exploration, Adventure, Trease Hunt

Need a break? Then take your time to explore the trails. Follow maps to hidden treasures.

Improve your motorbike by combining looted items to reach new areas. Use your gear to overcome obstacles. Unlock new levels and solve some (optional) physics puzzles along the way.

Hundreds of trails, decorations and challenges

3D gfx, 240+ mx tracks, highscores, tournaments, multiplayer (async PvP). Decorate your motorbike to our liking and let your imagintion run wild. How about a fox outift, or a unicorn bike, or maybe a treacherous spider with deadly sword and shield? It's up to you.

Aaand if that is not enough then perhaps you'd enjoy one of the challenges:
Beach Ball Blitz: Guide a huge beach ball into the goal.
Cat Racing: Try to race with your motorbike shrunk down to the size of a cat.
and many more!

Survive the offroad trials and join this dirt bike glider game adventure.

While this racing app is free to download and play, there are some items in the game that cost real money.
If you have any questions please write to

Get your ride and explore this moto racing dream in Airborne Motocross.
Make it fly!

Mod info

Free upgrades

What's news

★ Added "auto render scale" on/off option. Thanks to Rheinner.
☆ Errors fixed (IAP, Tutorial, TimeUpload, Challenges). Thanks to Björn, Rex, Тимофей, Александр and Rubiah for their error reports!

Download Airborne Motocross for Android

Download apk - 108 MB
Download apk - 93 MB

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