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The description of Alchemy War: Clash of Magic

Tired of playing as a hero and a knight? Now join the real-time strategy(RTS) game Alchemy War: Clash of Magic! Choose the evil side, be the Great Devil!

Once upon a time, there was an old alchemy continent inhabited by fairies, witches, enchanted trees and all sorts of magical creatures. The Great Devil masters the alchemy magic and rules the alchemy world in a tyrannical way.
Dissatisfied with the rule of the Great Devil, six justice knights conspire to defeat the Great Devil with magic, make him fell into a deep sleep. From then on, people lived in peace and happiness.
However, the power of evil never dies...
Finally one day, The Great Devil was awakened by his faithful servant!

Now, It's time to start your revenge journey! Recapture everything that belongs to you! Bring blood and nightmare to this continent again!

Game Features:
🔮1. Real Real-time Strategy Game(RTS)
- The epic battle is not pre-calculated, it happens in real-time on the map.
- There are infinite possibilities in the fog of war, you need to send troops to explore and fight.

🔮2. Classic RTS Features
- Realize the most classic control action in RTS games: Formation, Hold and Attack Mode, Surround and Focus fire, Cast skill by Manual, Wall In and Hold the Chokepoint.
-Truly loss and death. It needs to consume resources to recruit new creatures.

🔮3. Multiple Strategy Combinations
- Try different formations to maximize your might in Alchemy War.
- Try to divide your creatures into 2 or 3 troops to fight and garrison.
- Make the most of racial restraint.
- Dispatch different creatures based on enemy attributes and race. Flexible use of air forces to constrain enemy ground forces.

🔮4. Various Gameplay Mode
-Tower Defense, Boss Battle, Escorting Play and Endless Mode.
- Beware of the kingdoms that you have retaken. Maybe someone is plotting to rebel!

🔮5. Summon Magic Creatures
- 6 unique races (Human, Orcs, Wild, Undead, Demon, and Fantasy), dozens of class, hundreds of creature forms and skills!
- Feed the creatures with their favorite foods; Arm creatures with equipment!

🔮6. Explore Mysterious Dungeons&Ruins
- Entirely randomly generated dungeons&ruins! Are powerful enemies or huge treasures? !
- Well-designed BOSS with various skills is waiting for your challenge!
- Full of surprising mazes, easter eggs, and rich puzzles. Every exploration grants a unique adventure experience!

Conquer the 6 kingdoms and explore dungeons in the alchemy world!
Fight against enemies in the fog of war!
Experience multiplay gameplay in MOBA mode, tower defense mode, and escort mode!
Recruit and summon the creatures from 6 races(Human, Orcs, Wild, Undead, Demon, Fantasy)!
Build Devil Kingdoms and repress the just knights who betrayed you!

[About Chessia]Chessia Game is an indie game studio with a crew of 9 personnel.
We don't just MAKE games. We LOVE games.
We make what we proud of and hope to impress you.
Our first game is an RTS game called Alchemy War: Clash of Magic

Contact us for further support and information:
📧Support Mail: [email protected]
📱 Facebook:
📺YouTube Channel:
💬Discord Channel:
📱 Review:

Mod info

Unlimited Mony

How to install Alchemy War: Clash of Magic OBB

  1. Install downloaded APK file
  2. Extract and copy folder "com.Chessia.AlchemyWar" to "Android/Obb/"
  3. Start app and enjoy

What's news

==Global Launch! V1.0.1==
1. New Daily Quest, Main Quest, Treasure Room, Friends Chat
2. New Elite Campaign, and can be challenged repeatedly
3. Added Table of combo skills
4. Modified the skills and attributes of the creatures
5. Optimized the operations of unit control: moving, grouping...
6. Enchant effects can stack
7. New orange and red equipment
8. Changed the leaderboard to point system, reset periodically
9. Other optimations
Please check the update note on the Facebook

Download Alchemy War: Clash of Magic for Android

Download apk - 53 MB
Download zip - 224 MB
Download apk - 32 MB
Download zip - 222 MB

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