Camera Pro Control 2.6.1

Camera Pro Control
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The description of Camera Pro Control

Camera Pro Control is an app that lets you control your DSLR and other cameras to get the most out of your pictures. Download and share your creations in an easy way. Connect your camera via usb or wifi. You can even use your mobile hotspot if you are on the go.

Tethered shooting
Change exposure (iso, aperture, shutter)
Change drivemode, metering, picture style and whitebalance
Change image format
Manual focus
Exposure simulation
Ae bracketing (done in SW if not available on camera, like D3400)
Focus bracketing
Filters (focus peaking, show highlights, show contrast)
Overlays (rule of thirds, spiral, ...)
Auto iso for Nikon
Movie recording (usb connection required for most cameras)
Timer settings for interval shooting
Bulb mode
Set mirror up (Canon only)
Control speedlite (Canon only)
See current histogram
See roll and pitch (Canon only)
Use app in portrait or landscape mode

You can use my other app Camera Connect & Control to test if the connection with your camera works.
Supported cameras:
(Important: your mobile device must support usb-host-mode to connect to your camera via usb)
Please go here for the full list of supported cameras:

* DSLR cameras with wifi, like Canon 5D Mark IV
* DSLR cameras with wifi adapter, like 7D Mark II using W-E1
* EOS R series, like Canon EOS R6
* M-Series, like Canon EOS M10

* Most DSLR cameras that support wifi, like D5300 or D7200
* Newer cameras from the Z Series, like Nikon Z50, Z6 (II) and Z7 (II)
* Snapbridge cameras with firmware update that unlocks the wifi menu on the camera, like D850 with Firmware 1.10
* Superzoom cameras, like Nikon P900

Sony cameras that have the 'Smart Remote Control' app, like Alpha 6300.
Important: update 'Smart Remote Control' on your camera before using this.
To update open 'PlayMemories Camera Apps' and select 'Smart Remote Control' from the list of apps.

What's news

* support for Canon R10
* support for Nikon Z 30

Download Camera Pro Control for Android

Download apk - 5 MB

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