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The description of Dream Voices - Sleep talk recorder

Feature summary:

🎙️ Smart Recorder

• Sound activated sleep recorder - silence is skipped
• Automatic and custom control of the recorder's volume threshold, so sleep talking can be captured in any environment
• High quality recordings with normalized volume playback
• Optional timer to delay the start of the recorder until you fall asleep
• ✨Voice detection to filter out snoring and other background noises

✍️ Dream Journals

• Effortlessly journal your dreams when you wake up
• Track your sleep quality and dream mood for helpful sleep analysis
• Add tags and keywords to quickly search your dream journals
• Quickly navigate to sleep recordings from the night of your dream, so you can hear your sleep talking associated to the dream

🎶 Relaxing Sleep Sounds

• Play sleep sounds from a variety of categories including nature, meditation, and fans
• Play up to 4 soothing sleep sounds simultaneously
• Adjust the volume levels of each sleep sound individually
• Play sleep sounds while you fall asleep, then automatically switch to the sleep recorder to capture your sleep talking

🌎 Active Community

• Share your sleep talk recordings with friends and family
• Explore hundreds of recordings shared by other users from all over the world
• Listen, like, and add comments
• Track the top liked recordings each month

🔮 Seamless Interface

• Visual audio waveforms to help you quickly identify the sound
• Trim recordings, so you can keep just the part that matters
• Merge two recordings into one
• Mark recordings and journals as favorites
• Categorize recordings and add tags to journals
• Group, sort, filter and search recordings and journals
• Recover deleted recordings from a trash folder
• Simple one button tap to activate the sleep talk recorder

⚙️ Powerful App Settings

• Translation of the app in over 10 languages
• Dark and light theme
• Control the minimum and maximum recording duration
• Automatically stop the recorder
• Import/Export recordings and journals
• Crash detection if the operating system kills the app while running in the background

Wondering if you sleep talk? Want to prove to your partner that they snore? Trying to capture that weird unexplained noise in the middle of the night? Welcome Dream Voices - Sleep Recorder. The ultimate multi-function sleep talk recorder app with dream journaling and relaxing sleep sounds.

It has been found that up to 2/3 of people sleep talk. Many don't even know it. Dream Voices allows you to record your sleep talking, snoring and bumps in the night! Don't waste time sorting through hours of audio, Dream Voices will only record when it is triggered by sound. Sophisticated recording logic ensures there is no delay between the time of the sound to the captured audio. It's as simple as pressing the start button to begin the sleep recorder for the night.

Are you someone that snores? No problem! Turn on Voice Detection and the sleep recorder will only capture voices, not snores or other background noise.

Remember what you dreamed about? Create a new dream journal entry right in the app. You can actually get better at remembering your dreams if you journal your dreams regularly. Use the dream journaling feature to track notes about your daily routine that may have impacted your sleep.

More and more studies have shown that quality sleep is essential for good health. Use our soothing sleep sounds to help you relax and fall asleep. Once you are asleep, the sleep talk recorder will automatically activate and listen for sounds.

Sleep recordings are private and not automatically synced to the cloud.

Our goal is to provide a clean, easy-to-use sleep talk recorder app that will accurately record your sleep talking and other sounds while providing a layer of fun and interactivity. With NO ads.

Send us your feedback! We're always making improvements and adding new features as you request them.

[email protected]

What's news

🎉 What's new:
➢ Added Community notifications

Previous update:
➢ Added ability to change your Community profile picture
➢ Adding waveform icons for each recording in the list
➢ Sleep sound improvements
➢ Added fingerprint unlock option
➢ Performance improvements
➢ Significantly improved Voice Detection!
➢ Revamped the Settings page
➢ Recorder algorithm improvements
➢ Added ability to trim and merge recordings
➢ Added Dream Journals

Download Dream Voices - Sleep talk recorder for Android

Download apk - 43 MB

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