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Do you wanna know the upstream and downstream speed of your wifi or internet connection in detail?

Do you wanna know how many unfamliar device connect to your current wifi?

Do you wanna know whether your access wesite are DNS hajacked under your network enviroment?

Do you wanna know how fast your interested app or website respond to the current internet connection?

Do you wanna know where are you can get the best connection with strong signal?

Install `EX.speedtest`, it will tell you answer.

`EX.speedtest` is an internet speed testing and website check tool, it can test speed for your mobile connections including WiFi hotspot, LTE, 4G, 3G networks, check website speed, and check whether your access website are DNS hijacked or not.

Features of `EX.speedtest` :

🔧 One-click speed test of download, upload and ping

🔧 Find out the connectd devices' info within your current Wifi.

🔧 Check and record you wifi signal

🔧 Test your only intersted app or websites with your connection.

🔧 Check whether your intersted website are DNS hijacked or not

🔧 Check your intersted website detail speed and consuming time

🔧 Custom test timeout time, fast speed test.

🔧 Export speed test results to the excel

🔧 Easy sharing of speed test results

If you have any problem or good advice, plz mail to me ( [email protected]). If you wanna donate me, you can buy the no-ads version from here.

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VIP, The best Speed test tool

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Download EX.speedtest (VIP, The best Speed test tool) for Android

Download apk - 4 MB

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