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The description of Lullaby for babies, white noise offline & free

Lullaby for babies , white noise is the best app that help your babies fall asleep faster with sleep noise in the background.

For a parent with a newborn baby in the household, sleep can seem very difficult. Infants cry, crying night is the horror of mothers. To soothe baby to sleep, not only the lullabies or non – verbal music, but also many types of sleep sounds can help mother. Those sounds are called free white noise. Not only with babies but also with adults when they hear this relax sound of the waves, wind, natural sounds, they also feel pleasure.

🌹 The benefits of sleep sounds for babies: 🌹
☘ Help babies reduce stress
☘ Help babies sleep like angels
☘ Calm the baby crying and soothe baby
☘ Help adults feel relax

🌹 The main features of lullaby for babies include: 🌹
☘ Top 30 best lullaby music for babies that has to offer , like “Twinkle Twinke Little Star” and “Rock A Bye Baby” to help baby soother.
☘ Over 20 sleep noise into four groups: Nature sounds (i.e. Rain, forest, fire, waterfall ..), Transport sounds (i.e. subway, train, fan, plane..), Household (i.e. Clock, Radio, Hair dryer, Shower) and sleep noise contains three most popular types as white noise, pink noise, brown noise.
☘ Up to 20 bedtime lullaby music for babies to go to sleep. They played in the warm and piano style. These musics will bring them a soothing environment and will be helpful to make them asleep.

Using sleep sounds for babies, free white noise application is a simple and safe way that mom can apply for the first few months of baby. If you have any problems on using this app. You can leave your comments or send an e-mail, we will reply as soon as possible.

What's news

- Less Ads
- Better UI and screenshot
- Fix bug

Download Lullaby for babies, white noise offline & free for Android

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