Metro 2033 Wars Apocalypse exodus xcom Bunker Game 1.91 Apk for Android + Data

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The description of Metro 2033 Wars Apocalypse exodus xcom Bunker Game

Metro 2033 Wars Bunker Game is a cool hardcore s.t.a.l.k.e.r mobile for android in a post apocalyptic genre, the plot of which is based on the Dmitry Glukhovsky’s post apocalyptic novel.

The underground adventure takes place in Moscow after a nuclear war on Earth (like Chernobyl zona) - basically, in the subway bunker, where all the stations turned into radiation cities and fallout shelters, where people fight mutants for survival and act like real day r heroes.

You are the main apocalypse character of post apocalyptic apocalypse offline survival rpg and tactical games. You grew up underground and spent your whole life in xcom nuclear bunker, but sometimes you have to get to a surface zona that is full of post apocalyptic apocalypse mutants. On the surface, you are in great danger due to radiation city, and you have to constantly wear a gas mask because of poisoned air. Aggressive day r mutants attack your bunker from the North, and the dungeon, radiation cities and fallout shelter residents are no longer able to fight off alone, so you were instructed to get to the so-called Polis exodus zona - the largest bunker for survival with numerous heroes - and ask the locals to team up with your special groups and help with different scary quests, like in frostpunk bunker games, xcom or exodus…

Amazing rpg adventure through the Metro 2033 Wars survival tactical games have begun!

Gameplay of our offline role-playing stalker rpg:

Metro 2033 Wars exodus underground survival is an xcom rpg, an offline role-playing stalker strategy, just like s.t.a.l.k.e.r mobile, frostpunk, xcom or tactical games. You will have to develop turn-based offline strategies, save ammo, monitor radiation cities, fallout shelters, the time and gas mask integrity, study the habits of mutants, team up with real day r heroes and day r war groups, take part in scary quests, like in frostpunk or exodus, and use a solid arsenal of weapons.

There isn’t much light in our strategy stalker rpg and fallout shelters zona, but amazing graphics make the game very scary, as if you were in s.t.a.l.k.e.r mobile or in frostpunk. Underground locations reflect the gloomy atmosphere of stalker tunnels, strange effects and noises occur very often, and sometimes you have to rely not on turn-based stalker tactical strategies, but only on flashes to find your way in darkness.

-the coolest virtual world of post apocalyptic apocalypse after a nuclear war full of adventures;
-dangerous apocalypse mutants, terrible nuclear zona & dungeons;
-a variety of weapons;
-exciting missions and battles, the ability to team up with different heroes;
-best graphics and impressive sound effects;
-realistic gameplay, scary tactical quests, underground metro radiation city and nuclear fallout shelter;
-lit role-playing rpg, just like day r, xcom, s.t.a.l.k.e.r mobile, frostpunk and exodus.

How to install Metro 2033 Wars Apocalypse exodus xcom Bunker Game OBB

  1. Install downloaded APK file
  2. Extract and copy folder "com.dasuppa.metro2033wars" to "Android/Obb/"
  3. Start app and enjoy

What's news

What's new in 1.91:
- brought back Metro2 server;
- fixed some minor issues.

This update affects Metro2 only so Metro1 users can skip it for now.

Download Metro 2033 Wars Apocalypse exodus xcom Bunker Game for Android

Download apk - 44 MB
Download zip - 109 MB

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