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The description of Picture Manager: Rename and Organize with EXIF

Rename & Organize with EXIF, formerly “Picture Manager” makes use of EXIF Metadata to rename and organize your pictures.

Rename your pictures with your desired timestamp formats and other EXIF metadata like camera model, manufacturer and many more.

Additional options are:
• Replace text in filename
• Append or prepend text
• Add a counter to your filenames
• To Upper- or Lowercase
• Manually rename and delete

Clean up your image and video collection by sorting your pictures into dated folders or named by the location. This all works automatically by using the EXIF metadata-


• 2022 • 2022-02
↳ Oktober ↳ Thailand
↳ November ↳ Bankok
↳ Phuket

Move media to another location. That can be on the same storage, an SD-Card or even SMB storage.
Want to only move specific media? Use EXIF Filters or Keywords to only move the ones you want.

EXIF Editor
Edit EXIF metadata directly in Picture Manager.
Use conditions to only edit EXIF attributes matching them.

Some special features:
• Set date on multiple images and increment the time with hour/minute/second
• Set the date and time delta on multiple images (to fix wrong timezone time for example)

Optimize images to reduce file size
By changing the dimensions and using webP compression you can reduze the file size and free up lots of space with nearly no quality loss.

Duplicates finder
Find duplicate images on your device to free up space!

Similar images finder
With an algorythm called PHash or AverageHash it is possible to find similar images.

Add GPS data from GPX file.
If your camera does not have a gps module you can record your gps coordinates with a 3rd party app into a gpx file. Picture Manager can then match timestamps from your images and the locations in the gpx file and write GPS data into your images.

Add missing EXIF thumbnails.
The thumbnail is used to display a preview images on your camera LCD screen or file explorers. It is saved into the EXIF metadata and helps cameras and file explores to show a preview of the image quickly because without it would require to read the whole image into memory beforehand

The premium version is an in app purchase and unlocks following features:

• Multiple presets
• Custom formats
• JobService to instantly rename and organize newly taken pictures
• SMB Support
• Similar images finder
• Add GPS data from .gpx file

What's news

• Action button now fades away when you scroll
• Fixed Service not processing all files, especially when copying lots of images into an observed folder.
• Fixed GPX feature not working
• Show enabled status of service
• Counter can now be added to pre/suffix
• Fixed EXIF Editor not showing progress dialog
• Fixed crash in EXIF Editor when editing dates

Download Picture Manager: Rename and Organize with EXIF for Android

Download apk - 40 MB

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