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The description of Quiz Of Kings

"This is a word game designed worldwide for Persian (Farsi) language users. We do not recommend this game if you are unfamiliar with the Persian language."

These days, nothing like a mental game and general knowledge challenge can make a person feel good! 🏘
Do you want to spend time with your friends and the rest of Quiz baza?
Do you want to experience a new intellectual hobby or an exciting two-person or group intelligent game? Do you want to be a member of a wrong group, or create your own group, make friends and turn it into the best quiz game group by chatting?
🎮 An online game for two, free and competitive in the style of intellectual game, Persian knowledge, and words game. You can find a new friend, compete with others and even enjoy the intelligent game of Persian words with your friends in a group.
Intellectual game for challenging adults with more than 1,000,000 up-to-date text and image questions on various topics, including general information ❔, sports 🤾, logo and entertainment ♀️ 🤹, religious 🕋, cinema 🎥, music 🎸, math and intelligence , football ⚽️ and ... designed and this game is for Persian language users. 🎉

🏎 Don't miss an online quiz game's intellectual game, rewards, and challenges. There is always an online Farsi word game with chat waiting for you to participate and win many prizes. 🥳

In addition to being an intellectual game, Quizzes is also a dating program. You can experience chatting and playing rounds in addition to online games and dating challenges.

↩️ Quiz game works like this:
Each game in the online intellectual quiz game has 6 stages, where each user chooses the topic in 3 sets, and each step of the new game has 3 questions.
You can make friends and form groups with your friends and compete with other groups, and experience a fantastic new brain game!
"Record" mode has been added to the game to prove who is better in a breathtaking challenge and general knowledge contest!

Don't forget the quiz game if you are looking for an intellectual match, general information, and a round between Persian games and one of the best word games. Quiz of Kings is a full-fledged online game experience with the ability to chat, make friends, and group competition. With the updates to the two-person game and its content, it is an example of a new and attractive Farsi online game. The free quiz game is for all ages, and you can learn this free intellectual game from recent games, a new family game, and a dating social network.

To progress in the new intellectual quiz game, you must be careful! In this game, scientific knowledge and comprehensive general information about the world are the keys to success. A Persian word game that does not differ between boys and girls, and everyone competes in it!
Quiz is the new adult brain game enjoyed by all people interested in general information.
If you have seen the most profitable games and want to download a new free intellectual game or online game for two, Quiz of Kings is made for you.
Suppose you are looking for the best online game with competitive chat and internet dating and want a new and challenging intellectual game. In that case, the best choice is Quiz of Kings. When you play the intelligent game of Persian words, you have come to the most addictive and intellectual terms online game! It doesn't matter if you are a soccer player or a person of culture and art. If you are looking for an intelligent game for challenging adults, social networking, dating, and making friends, experience Quiz with your friends and family.

If you download Quiz of Kings and like it, support the game by commenting and introducing it to your friends. 🖐

📞 For support, you can email support@quizofkings.com or raise your problem through the link below:

📸 Instagram page of the game: @quizofkings
🪁 Telegram channel of the game: @quizofkings

What's news

- اضافه شدن قابلیت دریافت سکه بیشتر با تماشای ویدیو در بازی انفرادی
- رفع مشکل نمایش بازی در تبلت
- فعال شدن Navigation Bar گوشی در حین بازی
- رفع مشکلات گزارش‌شده در بخش ورود به بازی و فروشگاه

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