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The description of NEGAVIEW PRO

Brought to you by film photography enthusiast.

NEGAVIEW PRO is a handy negative film viewer that lets you view inverted images of your film negatives in real time.

This app lets you adjust color balance, contrast and exposure while viewing ,in order to reproduce your desired image.

As well as color negatives, NEGAVIEW PRO is also compatible with black and white films. These modes can be toggled with a tap of a button.

If you would like to capture, save and share images, full screen capture feature is installed to make that possible.

Our new updates will also let you import your scan from your iPhone’s camera roll. Whether you have an old scan file or high resolution scan, you can now import them into the app to invert and color correct your negatives.

Imagine you have just developed your film and it’s ready to scan. Take this app out of your
pocket, NEGAVIEW PRO will show you exactly what you need to see. For checking, for recreational viewing, for sharing, NEGAVIEW PRO will do the job just like you would expect negative viewer app to do.

What's news

Fixed a minor bug.

Download NEGAVIEW PRO for Android

Download apk - 20 MB

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