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The description of Trench Warfare 1917: WW1 Strategy Game

Trench Warfare 1917 is a free fast paced action military strategy game taking place in the most brutal war, World War 1!

Play as the General of every major army in WW1 and lead your troops to victory and supremacy.

Select a variety of unique pixel units and spawn them strategically to be the hero of the war!

Main features in the game:

- Real time strategy - simulate military battles in real time - you control everything!
- Campaigns - Play between 10 different FREE campaigns with 25 levels each! Play as Great Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Ottoman Empire, Austria Hungary, Italy, USA, Soviet Army, White Army
- Survival mode - Play as each country and survive for 50 waves. Control your own weapons and shoot down the enemy soldiers to gain supremacy!
- Creative/sandbox mode - Create and design your own levels. Recreate historical WW1 battle scenes and select from a variety of maps and different weather. You can also try spawning 1.000 tanks or flamethrowers and defeat the enemy on INSANE mode for a total war.
- Online level uploader - Save your creative levels and upload them online for others to play. Try playing one of the thousands of levels uploaded by our community from all around the world.
- Play in your own language - The game supports English, Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese
- Play offline - Play anywhere at anytime. Enjoy the game on long car rides or on the plane.

Trench Warfare 1917: WW1 RTS is a hardcore war strategy game.

Build the strongest military army, fight in epic tank battles, and play with your own war strategy.

To change history and win world war 1 you must defeat the enemy and fight as hard as you can with the tactical winning strategy. It’s a frontline army battle between generals and peace is on the stake - perhaps you have the power to prevent WW2?

Combine different war heroes with incredible power and build your ultimate battle team. Embark on a journey to discover new characters and fight mighty opponents along the way. It is the best game to enjoy tanks battle against any army of your choice.


You can select and command the British German, French, Russian, Ottoman, Austria-Hungarian, American and Italian army. Become a WW1 hero in the ultimate Trench Warfare experience.

Play with riflemen, shock troopers, machinegunners, snipers, tanks and a variety of special units. Command a heavy armor Sentry unit or burn up your enemies with the brutal flamethrower unit.


Become a tactical genius and use strategy when building your army. Let the heavy armor on the tanks take the bullets instead of your men. Place different soldiers, tanks and take advantage of all your army men. Use the environment and conquer the trenches.


Try out the Creative Mode where you can design your own levels. You can choose any country to play as and fight against and create alternative WW1 storylines. It can be played in 4 different difficulties, so it is up to you how large a war battle you want to create!

You can simulate history and recreate real life world war 1 battles or you can use your fantasy and create WW2 scenarios as well!


Build your battleground in the creative/sandbox mode according to your own strategy. Place decorations, armor bunkers / army buildings, barbed wire and tanks to sitotamulate a total war against the enemy army!


Become an expert in the battlefield and take down all the enemy soldiers. Say yes to the call of war today and save tomorrow for the survival of humanity.

Features of Trench Warfare 1917: WW1 RTS

- A fun and addictive real time strategy game
- An easy to play RTS pixel game
- Tactical war strategy in 250+ levels
- A survival and creative sandbox mode for an endless amount of hours
- Massive pixel war battles and total war
- Roleplay and simulation of WW1 history battles
- Bunkers and unique special troops
- Offline game supported
- A unique war game made with passion

What's news

Small bug fixes, but we are working on something big so stay tuned

Download Trench Warfare 1917: WW1 Strategy Game for Android

Download apk - 109 MB
Download apk - 89 MB

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