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The description of video player - FX Player

FX Player is the next generation high definition video player.
Experience the new video player you have never experienced before!

[Video Menu]+ Home and Side Menu - Change home and all the other menu
+ Storage - all videos, internal/external memory
+ Camera - Video taken by the camera
+ Output - crop videos, extract audio, save GIF animation/screenshot
+ Trend - Stream music videos from 50 countries globally
+ Network - smoothly play the videos on network live
+ Search - search devices and global music videos

[Video Player]+ Full-screen Player - Play controller function and switch orders
+ Sneak Peak Player - Preview, Random and repeat functions
+ Mini Player
+ Network Player - SMB, FTP, WEBDAV, HTTP, and others
+ Background Player - audio mode
+ Floating Player (PIP) - adjust size, location, progress bar
+ Chromecast Player - supportz codec and subtitles for 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation and Ultra for Google TV

[Play Video]+ All format - video, audio, subtitle format
+ All codec - video, audio codec
+ Multi-core decoding - automatic(FX), hardware(HW), software(SW)
+ Multi-language Track - audio / subtitles
+ Subtitle setting - adjust location, color, size and others

[Video Editing]+ Crop video
+ Extract audio - extract MP3 and save
+ Make GIF animation

[Gesture]+ Speed - two fingers up/down
+ Volume - right side up/down
+ Brightness - left side up/down
+ Enlarge video - pinch zoom in/out
+ Seeking - double tap, move left/right, etc.

[Additional Functions]+ Landscape mode - UI/UX optimized for Android smartphones and tablets
+ Screenshot
+ Reverse screen, etc.

The new video player!
It's the one you are looking for.

FX Player needs permission on the following categories

- is required in order to read your media file on sdcard

- is requried in order to modify your media files for renaming or deleting

DRAW On OTHER APP (optional)
- is required in order to run pop-up (pip) player

Some of the screenshots are from the Big Buck Bunny licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation /

What's news

[ v3.2.0 ] - Added : Landscape mode support
- Added : Player controller - Customizable buttons (Change order and exposure ON/OFF)
- Added : Player controller - Internal playlist function (Shuffle, Repeat, etc.)
- Improved: Player controller - UI layout upgraded
- Fixed : Fix Minor bug.

[ v3.1.5 ] - Added : Home change and Side menu function
- Fixed : Fix Minor bug

Download video player - FX Player for Android

Download apk - 67 MB

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