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The description of HiEdu Scientific Calculator Pro

Welcome to HiEdu - Pro Scientific Calculator, the ultimate app designed for science enthusiasts across Europe. HiEdu Pro is not just an ordinary calculator; it's your powerful companion to conquer complex problems, providing you with unlimited knowledge and unrivaled capabilities.

🚀 Ad-Free Experience: HiEdu Pro ensures an uninterrupted user experience by eliminating all disruptive advertisements.

📚 Download Formulas Offline: HiEdu Pro allows you to download popular formulas without requiring an internet connection, saving you time and enabling convenient usage even when offline.

🎨 Unlock All Themes: HiEdu Pro unlocks all captivating themes within the app, enabling you to personalize the interface to match your preferences and indulge in a delightful and unique experience.

Key Features of HiEdu Pro:

🌟 Versatile Scientific Calculator: HiEdu Pro goes beyond the basic calculator functionalities, serving as your intelligent assistant to tackle intricate scientific problems. With HiEdu Pro, you'll receive detailed step-by-step solutions tailored to your learning program and language.

📚 Diverse Mathematical and Physical Formulas: HiEdu Pro offers a comprehensive collection of easy-to-understand and clear-cut mathematical and physical formulas, catering to students at all levels. You'll effortlessly access knowledge and solve exercises with precision and efficiency.

🔍 Smart Search Function: HiEdu Pro is equipped with a smart search feature, making it effortless for you to look up and find the formulas, equations, and knowledge you need in a flash.

📊 Professional Graphing Tool: HiEdu Pro allows you to create professional and visually appealing graphs. You can graph functions, relationships between variables, and present data in an intuitive and clear manner.

📱 Comprehensive Unit Conversion: HiEdu Pro provides an extensive range of unit conversions, from currency, weight, area, volume, to length, and many other types of units, all conveniently accessible within one utility app.

💡 Explore a Rich Array of Formulas: HiEdu Pro introduces you to a wealth of diverse mathematical and physical formulas, fostering your learning and research journey.

HiEdu Pro will be your trustworthy companion in your pursuit of knowledge and scientific exploration. Don't hesitate to download HiEdu Pro now and discover a vast realm of knowledge at your fingertips!

What's news

Our new feature allows you to solve equations directly from the calculation screen. Simply enter the equation you want to solve (e.g., X^2+3X-3=0) into the main screen of the 'Scientific' function and press the '=' key. The application will quickly return the result. To view the detailed solution steps, tap on the three-dot icon next to the result.

Download HiEdu Scientific Calculator Pro for Android

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