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The description of Image Compressor Puma: Image Resizer Photo Resizer

Meet the Puma, who will help you deal with all the storage problems caused by huge images!

This simple and intuitive compressor will quickly resize either single or multiple photos.

Panda’s UI is not overwhelming, because we believe in not over-complicating simple problems. We created the app to work, whether you just want smaller photos (without going into technicalities) or know exactly which resolution you need.

After compression you can replace all the originals and save space, or attach them in the mail, or send them to the cloud. Pretty much everything you could think of we thought about too! Simplicity, time saving & usefulness, this are the main characteristics of Puma!

Puma has three modes:
- Auto: Pick photos and select from one of our presets. Your images will be compressed in a blink of an eye!
- File Size: Pick a particular files size, either from one of the presets or you can input a custom value!
- Resolution & Quality: Pick what resolution you need, and the quality of the images at the same time! [for advanced users]

Problems you can solve with Puma:
- Email attachment limits (compress and share smaller images).
- Cloud Storage limits (archive smaller images thanks to Puma).
- Smartphone gallery taking too much space!
- Sending images from abroad with mobile transfer or weak wi-fi!
- Uploading photos to online forms with size restrictions!

Features of Puma:
- Adjusting photos to pre-made presets.
- Compressing to custom resolution, file-size or quality.
- Batch compression to resize multiple photos at once.
- Comparing before & after to fine-tune your compression.
- Sharing photos doesn’t require saving, so you can send photos to the cloud/ e-mail directly.
- Sharing to most popular social medias directly!
- Puma accepts many photo formats (.png, .jpeg .webp etc.)

Benefits of premium version:
- No Ads at all.
- Batch compression for unlimited images.
- Changing output folder.
- Direct E-Mail support.
- Keeping EXIF data.

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If you encounter any problems, please write to us at:

What's news

Upgrade to Android 11.

Download Image Compressor Puma: Image Resizer Photo Resizer for Android

Download apk - 22 MB

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