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The description of Calm Sleep: Sleep & Meditation

Calm Sleep is one of the best apps for sleep with a lot of free sleep sounds, stories, soundscapes and guided meditations. It’s been designed to help you sleep effectively in a few minutes. calm sleep has a lot of free sleep content for relaxing sleep sounds & ambiences.

Top sleep experts from across the globe have spent thousands of hours helping us create the sleep content we serve on our application today. Calm Sleep app has guided meditations & relaxing music that reduces anxiety and provides calmness. Perfect life-changing app for beginners who can take up 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes sessions to achieve mindfulness.

Our guided meditations are supported by breathwork that helps you relax and sleep better. Our goal is to make you feel relaxed while you go to sleep or make your short naps effective. Having such short naps at work or taking proper sleep can help you focus, breathe, stay calm, & create more head space. You start to feel better by reducing anxiety, have a better night’s sleep by practising meditation and mindfulness.
The perfect guide to health and happiness, this sleep app offers work and productivity meditation, movement and sport meditation, student guided meditation. It helps you prioritise self-care and improve your mental health.

Do you wish to sleep better every day?

The Calm Sleep app is the perfect sleep app that will help you sleep better with the help of sleep stories, bedtime stories. We have helped millions of users achieve good sleep, and take quick & powerful naps. Calm Sleep free app also helps in waking up at the right time, and setting the bed time so you set a healthy sleep schedule. It cares about your health like your mom does 🙂 Your sleep cycle improves at a healthy pace.

The calm sleep app teaches you to sleep well, focus, wake up smoothly, & have a strong quick nap to have better head space & focus on daily life things. We have 300+ sleep stories, sounds, sleepcasts and guided meditations to help you sleep well. Some of them include wind downs, sleep music, etc. Checkout the mini meditation courses for themed meditation. As a Calm Sleep app user, you don’t need any past experience in meditation, our app will teach all the basics to achieve meditated & powerful sleep. Some of the free & paid features of calm sleep app that will help you find your calm. Powerful naps & sleep Better & Easy Sleep Relieving Insomnia & breethe better Improve Mood, Focus and productivity. Helping with anxiety & stress

Soon to be launched:
* Gratitude & Journal
* Sleep tracking to improve sleep cycle
* Sleep insights
* Content designed for quick sleep
* Self help 4 am friend

The Calm Sleep app has sleeping sessions available from 5 minutes to 8 hours. The Smooth Alarm feature also helps you to wake up from sleep smoothly.

We have a range of sleep sounds
- Deep Sleep
- Healing Light
- Lost in nowhere
- Angelic Whisper
- Deep Night Sleep
- Calm Sleep
- Heal me Sleep
- Soft touch
- Lullaby
- White Noise
- Piano
- Saxophone
- Flute
- Guitar
- Sleep in Rain
- Ocean
- Sleep among Birds
- Sleep in Forest
- Storm
- Pond
- WindChimes + Rain
- Ocean + Rain
- Spring
- Sleep near Waterfall
- Thunder + Rain
- Brown noise
many more sleep sound…

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# anxiety
# breathe
# relaxing music
# anxiety relief
# relaxation
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# mythology

The Calm Sleep app is a free app to download. You can check our wide range of sounds and include the filters as per your requirement. The app offers additional ways to meditate and stay calm apart from Sadhguru and Isha, be it yoga, meditation or spirituality, this will help you gain supreme peace. Rated highly by people from the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, India, Australia, Singapore, etc., this is a must try app. Contact: [email protected]

What's news

✨ Fixed crashes and improved experience for a more peaceful sleep. ✨
Update now and enjoy uninterrupted tranquility as we've resolved any bugs that caused app crashes. Your journey to a serene night's sleep is now smoother than ever. Thank you for your continued support.
Stay calm, stay serene,
The Calm Sleep Team

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