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The description of GaragePro OBD 2 Car Scanner

Widest range of OBD functions in cars & bikes to help diagnose all kinds of faults and errors in your vehicle.

-Read & delete DTCs from any module in a car & bike such as Engine, ABS, SRS, EPS, BCM etc.
-Perform Smog Check, VIN check, Service reset
-Detect & turn off MIL(Check Engine Light), SRS, ABS, EPS & other fault related lights on your car’s dashboard
-Read Mode 01, 02, 03, 04, 07, 09, 0A and other modes
-Verified code descriptions & fixes with a code library that you can browse when required
-Read Freeze Frame data and odometer reading
-Read running data with live graphing including speed, battery voltage, RPM, manifold pressure, throttle position & more. Export this data in excel to analyze & log your trips
-Special functions like Injector coding, DPF regeneration, Throttle Reset, ABS (Brake) bleeding, Steering angle reset, Power balance, Fuel Density Reset, Learning Value Reset & Switch battery type, Actuation Tests, AC Control Module Reset, Brake Pedal Position Sensor learning, Light and Door customizations etc. The full list is available under the Available functions page of the app.
-Monitor misfires with Mode 06 reading. The monitor tests in Mode 06 include Exhaust Gas Sensor, Catalyst, EGR, VVT, EVAP, Exhaust Gas Sensor, Heater, Heated Catalyst, Secondary Air, Fuel System, Boost Pressure Control, NOx Adsorber, NOx/SCR Catalyst, Misfire Cylinder Data, PM Filter

Apart from OBD functions, GaragePro offers full technical support & generates a PDF for your scans that can be shared with your repair shop or customers. You can also track your vehicle’s history & performance over time with these PDFs in the app.

All bluetooth based ELM327 OBD scanners can be used with GaragePro. Commonly used OBD scanners with the app are CaRPM Scan Tool, Carista OBD2, BAFX, Veepeak, Nexas, ELM327 mini interface bluetooth etc.

GaragePro reads data from over 100 ECUs in cars & bikes, including Engine, ABS, Airbags (SRS), EPS, BCM, Traction Control, Transmission, HVAC, Instrument cluster & more. Compatible with all American, Japanese, Korean, German & other European car & bike makes.

Both cars & motorcycles can be scanned with GaragePro. For motorcycles, you will need a connecting cable that connects the 16 pin OBD scanner with the bike OBD port. Motorcycle OBD ports vary with make & cables for most makes can be easily bought online. Bike diagnostics include DTC reading & deletion, live data stream & freeze frame data.

There are both free & paid options in the app. The free version of the app offers DTC reading, live data stream & export, freeze frame data reading, Mode 06 reading & VIN check. Paid subscriptions unlock new functions such as clearing fault codes, smog check, PDF generation with code descriptions, service reset, code library access & special functions.

You can use the app for free if you are only interested in reading codes.

The GaragePro OBD2 Scanner app works with any vehicle that’s compliant with the OBD2 standard (introduced in the USA in 1996). This OBD app is best suited for people who like working on their cars & those who work at a car workshop.

The idea behind GaragePro is to build an auto diagnostics tool that can be an alternative to the expensive scan tools that cost a fortune and are cumbersome to operate. You can diagnose errors & faults in your vehicle yourself and can leverage the benefits of a professional scanning tool/code reader at a small fraction of the cost.

Important note: Please note that the application requires an OBDII Bluetooth dongle to communicate with a car. It does not work with a WiFi dongle.The app does not work with Android Auto & Apple Carplay yet.

Email us at [email protected] for any queries.

Mod info

OBD 2 & Car Diagnostics tool

What's news

- New upgrade prices available
- Triumph Actuations and service reset added
- Odometer reading in reports
- New Mahindra Injector Coding
- Hyundai and Kia Brake Bleeding and Fuel System Priming for all models
- Track Mode (Acceleration Tests) added
- Volkswagen 7 digit Injector Coding added
- Non continuous monitors with Mode 06 reading
- CAM Retard added for GM vehicles (in Advance Live Data)
- Free Demo Mode added

Download GaragePro OBD 2 Car Scanner for Android

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