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The description of Idle Light City

Hi, tycoon! Welcome to the Idle Light City simulation - brand new clicker games with upgrades! Produce light bulbs and build houses to expand your town. Easy clicking & tapping, multiple ways to level up, production simulator, and addictive development. Escape from reality and enjoy offline idle games. Tycoon games!

Idle Light City - cute bulbs💡, city builder simulation game🏘️, and money clicker 💸

The entire city is in darkness. People need your help to light it up.
• Start tapping & run the lightbulb factory
• Produce as many light bulbs as you can
• Unlock new buildings and light them up to earn money
• Simulate town growth and become an electricity tycoon
• Tap tap tycoon games begin!

Rows and queues of cute bulbs will evade your town to light it up, make it work, and gain profit. Click to imitate city life, spend money on new houses, tap to riches and indulge yourself in this fun simulation game.

Don't forget that this idle town keeps growing even while you're away, so if you leave the town with the production running, you'll be rewarded in offline idle games! Collect gold and gems, then invest in building and upgrade your premises in fun tycoon simulator.

In these idle tap-tap and clicker games you can unlock and improve many buildings and enjoy the amusement park. Earn cash, purchase upgrades, produce lightbulbs faster and expand the city in money idle games. Plunge into with this unique & addictive idle button simulator. The time has come to build new electric empire!

An outstanding simulation game gives you sense of growth and positive emotion. These light are bulbs so cute and houses are so bright & colorful! Idle city simulator - is a time-killer game offline that can uplift you! If you like to win, upgrade and play tapping games with many levels - it's your paradise!

If you're a fan of an entertaining upgrade games, tycoon city simulation game or fun clickers, this tapping game is your chance to try your hand at a new field of money making. Download the Idle Light City: Clicker Games right now and build new world in offline idle games.

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