Orphic: learn rare weird words (UNLOCKED)


The description of Orphic : Read & learn some obscure words

Maybe you want to learn a new and recondite (unfamiliar) word. Something that you might not use in your day-to-day conversations but still it's good to know about all these words which exists in our world and be proud that such rare words exist in your vocabulary. Or maybe you know a word but are unaware of its "rarely" known definition.

Orphic provides you with a long list of cool words found in various languages, especially English. You can also save them to your favorites. Copy these words to your clipboard and paste them wherever you like. You can also share these words and their meanings with your friend and family and pets and everyone else.


• List of more than a thousand unfamiliar and/or rarely used words.

• Learn a new word everyday with word of the day notification.

• Save words you like to your favorites.

• Copy and share word and its definition with anyone you want.

• View example sentences of words to better understand its usage.

• View synonyms of the words.

• Want to take down a note about a word? You can do that too for each word.

• View IPA notation of words for better understanding of pronunciation.

• Play quizzes with multiple modes to test your knowledge of the words you have seen on Orphic.

• A nice little widget which provides you with a word and its definition on your home screen with various other function such as copy, refresh, widget settings etc. And you can also customize it to your liking.

• and much more

• and more coming with updates.

We are frequently adding more words to our app, we might even add more categories and various other features in the coming updates. Do share it with others and help us grow.

What's news

✔️ Minor bug fixes.

🔜 Complete app revamp in works

Download Orphic : Read & learn some obscure words for Android

Download apk - 3 MB


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