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The description of Owlee Premium - Mind Game. Mind-breakers & puzzles

Owlee is designed to improve your logic and memory!

Owlee is a mind game based on the novel and progressive techniques for brain development to improve your logic and agile thinking. It is an exciting journey with your virtual pet, a cute owl, with which you are solving the riddles, get magical artifacts and conjure. Atmosphere of the game is perfect to relax, that is why suits perfectly for busy people. Enjoy a variety of relaxing sounds and level scenes with unique space design.

Meet your friend - Owlee. Owl finds puzzles everywhere: on the night sky, in forests and frozen lakes. Solve the riddles and brain teasers to receive magical potions and marvelous presents, which will help Owlee to witchcraft, metamorphose and advance through Samsara wheel. It is always a surprise how your owl will look like after a new impersonation.

Key features:
- 6 types of challenging puzzles and mind-breakers.
- 96 colorful, enigmatic levels.
- Charming animated owl in different embodiments.
- Unique puzzles based on Graph Theory.
- Various level complexity.
- Amazing Surprises.
- Game atmosphere is the perfect to relax.
- Gothic design (indie handwork, artwork).
- Chill-out, Celtic, new-age music.
- Relaxing brainteasers.
- Hypnotizing story.
- Intriguing alchemy and astronomy
- Tutorials.
- No game gold / No game money! Only useful things to develop your thinking abilities!
- Ads deactivation for less than coffee cup price 😉

Mind-breakers types:
- Arrange the stars to untangle a constellation in space. Explode a node
- Euler path: Draw a path in a graph on astronomical constellations: Pavo, Sagittarius, Cetus
- Unblock: Slide the ice blocks to extract opal
- Witchcraft: Brew a magical potion ( Poseidon's Tears , Moon salt, Arcane Elixir, Stardust and so many other yummy goodies! )
- Light-up the oak hearts: Supply water from a sparkling spring to the thirsty roots
- Transfusion: Measure liquid in a jar
- Transformation: Owl magic

Owl you need is puzzle!

Owlee is a mind blowing blockbuster for the ones who wants to improve the thinking abilities. We have combined the most different techniques give your brain a true challenge!

So... What are you waiting for? 😉

You can help us improving this game by sending your feedback (or " where's my refund? " claims ):
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Owlee.game/
- Email: [email protected]
- Website: https://owlee.fun/
- Instagram: @owlee.game

- Help from Secret Magician.
- Music from Hernando Raphaël (Azawad project): https://soundcloud.com/windof

What's news

Key features:
- Charming Owl character in different embodiments.
- 6 types of challenging puzzles.
- 92 colorful levels.
- Creative design.
- Atmospheric music.

Download Owlee Premium - Mind Game. Mind-breakers & puzzles for Android

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