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The description of Revo Uninstaller Mobile

Almost every app leaves leftover data after a standard uninstallation. Revo Uninstaller gives you the option to remove leftovers after showing you the files, so you don’t delete anything important by accident.

Revo Uninstaller Pro includes all of the Free features plus:
Remove ads - Remove all in-app ads and enjoy an uninterrupted experience while uninstalling.
Create backup - Backup your app files, which include the apps installed, their names, versions, and size. Backup can be also made for app categories like all user apps, all system apps, or all uninstalled apps.
Import and compare – Compare your backup files with the current state of your device. See the difference in size, name, and version of the apps you have and links to the Google Play Store of the apps you no longer have (if the apps are still available).
Check difference - Compare the selected backup app list with currently installed apps.
Categories - Organize your apps with our smart filter in more than 60 predefined app categories like Tools, Communication, Social apps, and more.
Customize app categories - Create and organize unlimited custom app categories.

Revo Uninstaller tools include:
Uninstall - Remove user-installed apps that are no longer needed and at the same time delete all leftovers and junk files.
Leftover scan – Scan your Android device for remaining files and folders connected to the uninstalled app.
Multiple/Batch uninstall - Uninstall multiple apps with a couple of clicks. The number of marked applications and the total size of data you are about to delete are visible when batch uninstalling.
Quick boot mode - Optimizes the app loading time by enabling the Quick boot mode. If Quick Boot mode is off, you will be able to see the full size of the files removed from your device.
Search and Sort applications - Search for a certain app to uninstall via different filtering and grouping options including typing the name of the app you need.
App Ranking - Ranking of your apps - the top 10 Biggest, Newest, Oldest, and by Brand.
Uninstall history - Log of the apps you have uninstalled, showing you the dates of uninstallation and a link to the Google Play Store for you to reinstall it (if the app is still available).
App info – Information about an application’s name, version, installation date, аpp size, including apk size, cache size, and application data, and the ability to open it directly in the Google Play Store (if the app is still available).
In-app Permission checker - The Inn-app Permission Checker grants you information about which permissions your installed apps ask for.
Different languages - We support 31 different languages.
Night mode - The night mode swaps the standard color schemes of UI elements in the app from lighter backgrounds to darker backgrounds with light-colored text.

Text size settings - smaller or bigger text size for your convenience.

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*Revo Uninstaller cannot remove pre-installed apps due to Android OS restrictions.

What's news

- bugs fixed

Download Revo Uninstaller Mobile for Android

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