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The description of Rooms&Exits: Escape Room Games

Can you help Fiona escape before it's too late?

What you have in front of you is an escape room game like no other. In this escape story, you have a chance to save mankind!

You must find hidden objects, codes, and clues and discover a way out of many locked rooms before you can call yourself a true escape artist. Don't worry, practice makes perfect and your problem-solving skills will improve the more mind puzzles you solve.

"Rooms & Exits: Escape Room Game" is the ultimate brain test to find out if you can think on your feet and escape the room with your quick wits and mind power as your only tools!

Captivating escape room adventure games with unique mind puzzles and challenging levels

An unsolved mystery is waiting for you - you must do some serious detective work to investigate scenes, discover hidden clues, and escape rooms!
You will find yourself in a multiverse of stories: from a warehouse to a bookstore, a jewelry store, and a fashion boutique - our "escape mystery games" will take you everywhere!

**Rooms & Exits: Escape Room Game** is more than a regular escape adventure. It is:

* A mystery story with chapters and a gripping storyline
* An escape game with a plethora of rooms with different themes
* A mind game with an abundance of logic puzzles, hidden objects, and brain teasers
* A detective game with hints, not instructions: you do all the logical thinking
* The most amusing brain challenge you can find

Can you escape? Adventure game for all aspiring escape room artists.

Your task is to help Fiona, a young and brave journalist turned detective, expose the evil masterplan of a mysterious villain. Follow the thrilling detective story as you solve brain puzzles and travel from one escape room to the next, hoping to catch up with Fiona's jailer and stop him from destroying the entire world!

Solve the criminal case of the century and bring the conspiracy to the light

In our "escape adventure games with story", you will only find solutions to all types of logic puzzles and brain teasers by thinking outside the box. If you need assistance, don't be shy to use the Hints button. Show your problem-solving skills and remember, the future of humanity is at stake!

Can you outsmart the infamous boss who trapped you in this seemingly endless labyrinth of escape rooms? Challenge your mind with tricky logic puzzles and open doors on your way to freedom in this thrilling detective game.

No time to waste, detective. There's a serious unsolved criminal case on your hands, so you better begin the investigation immediately. Download Rooms and Exits Escape Room Adventure; Fiona is waiting to meet you there!

Mod info

Get rewards without seeing ads

What's news

- Fixed bug when some levels are locked
- Will Fiona fail or prevail? Find out TODAY in 8 new levels!
- New hint is available - Hot Spot will help you when you need it most!

Download Rooms&Exits: Escape Room Games for Android

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