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The description of Battery Charging Monitor Pro - No Ads

Battery Charging Monitor Pro is an Android App (for android 5.0 and later versions) that measures real-time battery charging and discharging rate in milliampere (mA). It also measures temperature, available free RAM, CPU temperature etc.
You can see how much your battery is draining during playing game or using any other apps.
This app has lots of features.

Home Page Features:
➤Real-time battery charging or discharging rate.
■Positive value means charging.
■Negative value means discharging.
➤Graphical view of charging or discharging rate up to 60 minutes.
■Blue color means charging.
■Red color means discharging.
➤How much battery has been charged or used (discharged).
■Positive value means charging.
■Negative value means used (discharged).
➤Time passed since charging or discharging has started.
➤Current battery status
➤Current battery level
➤Current battery health
➤Current battery voltage
➤Current battery temperature
➤Battery technology
➤Battery capacity
➤Available free RAM
➤Current CPU temperature

Real-time Notification Bar:
Most of the home page features support in the notification bar.

Reset Data
➤To reset data, press the refresh button on the home screen of this app.

Delete Charging and Discharging History
➤To Delete History, Go to the side menu of the App, select Settings and the use the option called ‘Delete History’.

This the paid version of Battery Charging Monitor which is totally ads free.

Battery Charging Monitor is a free application. Install and enjoy!

What's news

Minor bug fixed!

Download Battery Charging Monitor Pro - No Ads for Android

Download apk - 4 MB

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