Doggo Dungeon: A Dog’s Tale RP 2.23.3

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Action, Game

The description of Doggo Dungeon: A Dog's Tale RPG

Doggo Dungeon has been awarded the “App of The Day” by MyAppFree

Jump, Bark, Bite & Sniff your way through unique hand crafted pixel levels in this doggo dungeon action rpg!

Game Includes:
20 hand crafted levels.
Multiple items to collect and equip.
Secrets to discover.
At least one Mouse Mage.
Giant jumping rats.
Multiple abilities and bark types to unlock and discover.

Misha's boy Ben has gone missing. She climbs into the well where he was last seen and enters a fantastical world biting off more than she can chew. Level up, clash with monsters, find secrets and clues to where your boy went. Along the way meet ghosts, goblins, a royal frog queen, and other strange things in your search for your lost friend.

Doggo Dungeon is a work of love by a single developer.

What's news

Various bug fixes and QOL improvements.
Save system was broken for some after adding iOS support, should work now.
Fixed a bug where you could fall in a pit forever in certain spots.

Download Doggo Dungeon: A Dog's Tale RPG for Android

Download apk - 44 MB
Download mp4 - 7 MB

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