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The description of Gold Media Converter Pro

Gold Media Converter 🎶 converts any type of video or audio format such as mp3, mkv, flv, ogg etc into your desired format. it is well engineered, it is fast and easy to use. gold media converter has simple and clean UI, it is one of the best and fastest media converters on Playstore.

you can convert/transcode videos into mpeg4, mpg, mpeg4,mov etc
you can convert/transcode audios into mp3,aac,flac,ogg,opus etc.

the app supports batch conversion.
you can put many multimedia files for conversion and minimize the app.

The app features are:-

• Video to audio converter
• Audio to another audio format converter.
• Video converter.
• Fast video conversion.
• Fast Audio conversion.
• The app supports background conversion.
• The app supports batch conversion
• Extract audio from a video of any format.
• Clean UI.
• Easy to use UI.
• High definition conversion.
• Supports a wide range of bitrate.
• Video compression.

Fastest video and audio transcoder on playstore

What you can do with Gold media converter

video to mp4
video to mp3.
video to mov (Apple video format).
video to aac (Apple audio format).
video to flac.
video to ogg.
video to opus.
video to flv.
video to mkv.
audio to mp3.
audio to flac.
audio to ogg.
audio to aac.

Please support the project by giving it a five-star rating. more features will be added in the future.
The app is based on the opensource project Media converter built on top of FFMPEG
here is the link

Download Gold Media Converter Pro for Android

Download apk - 5 MB

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