Mind Mapping — Visual Thinking (PRO) 1.1

Mind Mapping Visual Thinking Structure Ideas
Application, Utility

The description of Mind Mapping - Visual Thinking, Structure Ideas

All your daily plans, weekly and monthly plans or even annual plans can be presented clearly in a mind map graphically.

Mind Mapping - Visual Thinking app help you out for building quick maps with built-in templates, and sharing with others through images, and PDF document.

Record meeting content and ideas in a mind map as a clear and beautiful chart and show it to your colleagues.

You can try it for:
• Thought structuring
• Writing a quick summary
• Idea representation
• Organizing ideas and goal setting
• Brainstorming
• Family Tree design
• Planning a project
• Preparing for meeting notes
• Lecture Notes
• Travel Plans
• Annual Plan

Mind Mapping - Visual Thinking app premium features:
- Infinite hierarchy of elements, attach notes, hyperlinks, image,s or icon to any element
- Color schemes for elements
- Give a structure to your thoughts, capture ideas, plan a speech, and take notes
- Interactive presentations straight from your mind maps
- Unlimited maps and folders which can be edited, shared and exported as PDF, Image
- Edit, Copy, and Paste (nodes and branches)
- Undo redo, collapse expand, zoom scroll, drag-n-drop
- Unlimited saving and auto-saving
- Notes, hyperlinks, icons attachments and tagging support on each node
- Creative writing: a novel, representation, fiction, speech, summary (summarize things)

Please report any issues to [email protected] so we can reply and help.

What's news

-- minor bug fixed
-- Inapp purchase added to remove ads

Download Mind Mapping - Visual Thinking, Structure Ideas for Android

Download apk - 12 MB

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