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The description of Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure

Walkr encourages you to walk more while exploring the boundless universe!

-This galaxy adventure game is combined with a pedometer to record daily steps automatically
-Many thanks to the support of half a Million Walkr players on Google Play
-Explore an exciting new galaxy and reach your fitness goals

One small step for you, one light year in Walkr! Hop aboard your fantastic Walkr spaceship and start an adventure across the boundless cosmos. On a rocket built by an 11-year-old genius, use your "walking energy" to fuel the ship and discover more than 100+ fascinating planets, from Caramel Apple, to Octopus Cavern, Heart of Flames, and more! You'll encounter delightful lost space creatures throughout the universe who will need your help along the way. It's the adventure you've been waiting for!

👣 Build your own galaxy and devise new ways to increase its population
👣 Track energy spent through calories and steps
👣 Undertake missions to help adorable creatures across the galaxy find their homes

👣 Create fun step challenges amongst friends with this walking competition game
👣 Connect with your friends and accumulate energy faster
👣 Visit and say hello to your friends’ galaxies

Looking for a fun and engaging way to track your steps?
Look no further than gamify-step challenges!

With a pedometer game that's both entertaining and motivating, you'll never have to worry about hitting your step count feeling like a chore. So why not take one small step for yourself and embark on a journey through the cosmos with Walkr? With your very own spaceship, you'll explore the vast expanse of the universe one light-year at a time. Ready to blast off and get started on your step-tracking adventure? Let's go!

Get ready to take your fitness journey to the next level with Walkr - the adventure fitness tracker you've been waiting for! From the brilliant minds behind Plant Nanny, the popular reminder app that helps you drink more water, Fourdesire has done it again with its latest creation. Join the Walkr community and let's start this fitness journey together!

Please find us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/walkrgame
Or visit us: https://sparkful.app/walkr

We hope you love our step counter and walking app game as much as we do. You will not use a boring pedometer to track your steps ever again! Happy Walking!

Lots of love,

What's news

Space crew has made new efficiency improvements

Download Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure for Android

Download apk - 256 MB
Download apk - 74 MB

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