Whistle Phone Finder & Whistle Camera (PREMIUM) 1.0

Whistle Phone Finder Whistle Camera
Application, Camera

The description of Whistle Phone Finder & Whistle Camera

Do you keep misplacing your phone ? Or need hand free function to click a photo ?
Download this app to help find your misplaced phone and to help take picture without pressing the button.

Whistle Camera app can capture photo with just one whistle without click on capture button.
Whenever you want to click picture just blow a whistle, app can detect it and capture high quality picture for you.

Also app can help to find your phone. If you happen to misplace your phone nearby like your home, room, office etc,.
Just blow the whistle and your phone will start ringing and you can easily find it.

Main Features:

- Whistle Camera :-
-- Click Picture with blowing whistle.
-- Set timer (3sec,5sec,10sec) to capture high quality image.
-- Camera can auto focus on your face and also adjust flash automatically.
-- Also take selfie with just one whistle.
-- Apply multiple filters to make your picture more beautiful.
-- Also adjust brightness, saturation, and contrast of image.
-- To find your phone, just blow whistle, app detect your whistle and your phone will start ringing.

- Whistle Phone Finder :-
-- Blow the whistle to let your phone you are looking for it.
-- The phone will start ringing to help you find your phone.
-- Service needs to running to find phone by whistle.

Its an complete app to capture your photo with whistle and also help to find your phone by whistle.

Download Whistle Phone Finder & Whistle Camera for Android

Download apk - 13 MB

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