WindWings 2: Galaxy Revenge

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The description of WindWings 2: Galaxy Revenge

Part 2 of the series game shoot’em up, shoot space chickens. Windings 2: Galaxy Revenge gives players an exciting experience and lots of challenges. In this part of the game, the transformative features of the fighter are greatly improved. Each fighter can be equipped with different types according to the player’s tactics. Meanwhile, the new creatures are more powerful and aggressive.
In this sequel, the war between the peace defenders and the invaders moves into a fierce new phase. Evolved creatures become stronger. They continue to colonize planets for habitation and resource exploitation. The mission of the heroes is to choose the powerful fighters equipped with the right weapons to destroy enemy armies on all fronts. The mission of the heroes is to choose powerful fighters equipped with the right weapons to destroy enemy armies on all fronts
• Players will assemble the right equipment into the fighter. Activate different attack modes after each hand drop.
• Many creatures are uniquely designed with many different types of attacks.
• Many levels are constantly updated, many different challenges for players to experience
• Many warships, each with a different design and can be fitted with different assemblies. Players can customize, and combine richly.
• In addition to the main ship, there are 2 assists to increase the ability to attack.
• Upgrade your attack power, and aircraft speed with Laser missiles, mega-bombs, and item suction magnets.
• The Game has a good balance difficulty, suitable for both beginners and hardcore gamers.
• Lots of additional equipment helps the aircraft increase its combat capability.
• Diverse missions and attractive rewards.
• Harmoniously combined images and sounds will give players a great experience

• Touch the screen and move to avoid enemy attacks, shoot back and shoot them up.
• Click your hand to activate the attack mode suitable for each type of enemy.

Mod info

A lot of money and diamonds

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  • Download WindWings 2: Galaxy Revenge for Android

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    Download apk - 76 MB

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