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The description of Androoster (Root Tweaking Toolbox)

What is Androoster?
Androoster is an open-source Android tweak toolbox.
It is built to help you keep your device cool, fast and responsive.

Ideally, basing on your device hardware and your personal needs, you can find a set of parameters for Androoster to improve things you value and minimize others you don't require.

Being a collection of on-off tweaks, you can enable/disable whichever set of parameters you desire. Although a certain degree of expertise is required to tune (or eyeball) settings, you can refine your tweaks according to the performance changes you experience incrementally.

The key takeaway is that there is no such thing as a universal tweak / booster. Instead, you can (and should) tune settings according to the things you value the most to maximize performance in those designated areas, and keep the unavoidable consequences within an acceptable margin of degradation.
(i.e, a strong performance improvement degrades battery duration, and vice versa, differently for every device and OS)

Androoster features
• CPU Tuning
• Governor switcher
• Low Memory Killer editor
• Runtime Memory improvement
• Sleep mode tuner
• Sleepers optimization
• Kernel advanced editor
• FStrim utility
• I/O Booster
• Hostname editor
• Network buffer
• Fast dormancy
• Advanced debug monitor
• GPS Configuration
• Animations speed tweaker
• JPEG quality optimizer
• 270° Rotation enabler
• 16 bit transparency enabler
• Back buttons light tuner

- ‎Rooted device
- ‎BusyBox installation

What is Androoster?
Androoster is groundbreaking toolbox, packed with the latest features and tweaks.
It is built to help you keeping your device cool, fast and responsive.

Main features
There are tons of tweaks, both for beginners and advanced users, that when enabled will make your device reach its peak while keeping a low profile.
All the hacks are easily grouped under different categories, like “CPU”, “Memory”, “Kernel” or “Graphics”, so that they are easy to find and manage.

To grant complete compatibility and security, every single tweak is reversible. Your device won't be permanently changed, and whenever need it, you can always and quickly restore your original system status from a backup that you can manage from the dedicated page in Androoster.
Furthermore, AES256 encryption is used to keep internal configuration files safe.

Code is available at

Usage & Disclaimers
Androoster is tested and proved to be efficient and safe: however, no warranty comes with it. You are responsible for your actions. If you brick your device, make it unusable, damage it, lose your data or whatever other incident you will be the one and only responsible person for having caused it. I am not responsible for whatever damage you may inflict on your phone in any way.

Download Androoster (Root Tweaking Toolbox) for Android

Download apk - 3 MB

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