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The description of Battery Alarm

Are you losing battery charging quickly ?

Battery manufacturers say that after about 400 cycles a phone battery’s capacity will degrade by 20%. It will only be able to store 80% of the energy it did originally and will continue to degrade with additional charge cycles. The reality, however, is that phone batteries probably degrade faster than that

With every charge cycle your phone battery degrades slightly. A charge cycle is a full discharge and charge of the battery, from 0% to 100%. Partial charges count as a fraction of a cycle. Charging your phone from 50% to 100%, for example, would be half a charge cycle. Do that twice and it’s a full charge cycle.
some phones reach that 20% degradation point after only 100 charge cycles.

by using Battery Alarm app you can:
+ set alarm for charging value under 100% to save your phone Battery
+ set alarm on any value you want between 5% to 100%

# Feel Free to Use it to Save your phone battery Healthy #

What's news

- Improve App performance
- Adding more features
- Fix Bugs

Download Battery Alarm for Android

Download apk - 1 MB

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