Chemistry (eBook) (PRO) 1.01

Chemistry eBook

The description of Chemistry (eBook)

Chemistry eBook

An innovate eBook app from Sana Edutech on Ayurveda that teaches you all about Chemistry. Subjects covered include

- Matter, Systematic names, SI units
- Chemical Reactions
- Atoms
- Light and Quantum theory
- Periodic Table
- Chemical bonds
- Hybridisation, VESPR
- Nuclear Chemistry
- Molecular Velocity
- Chemical Solutions
- Surface Chemistry
- Colloids, Emusions
- Catalysis
- Thermo Chemistry
- Electro Chemistry
- Chemical Kinetics
- Organic Purification, Estimation
- Alkenes, Alkynes, Alcohol
- Carbonyl Compounds
- Alkonic acid, Amines
- Organic acids, bases and salts

App features include
- Simple, Fast and Efficient User-interface which we guarantee that you would love !
- Categorised contents, Easy access mechanism
- eBook format from Sana Edutech provides you seek facility at a predominant pace
- Zoom feature for images and text
- Voice reader feature that reads out the study materials
- Entire App is unlocked and full contents given for FREE
- Share feature

Mod info


What's news

1. Revised user interface (main page)
2. Categorised eBook sections for Organic chemistry and other sections of Chemistry

Download Chemistry (eBook) for Android

Download apk - 6 MB

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