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The description of Dream Walker

Dream Walker is a challenging, surreal, puzzle-runner game where you explore a fantastic world of subconscious dreams and nightmares full of unbelievable physics, architecture, and mind games. So are you ready to play and run on the running tracker?

Important Gameplay tips:
Collect Stars to unlock new Chapters to explore. On the way, also pick up as many Butterflies as possible. They will come in handy to purchase new dresses and hero models from the Prize Wheel. Most trick game are you ready to accept unbeatable challenge? Use your mind and solve this puzzle on the running tracker

This game is very difficult, as it requires fast reflexes and good timing.
Guiding Anna is not an easy task!
Find your way on your own style in survival games. Your main objective is to cross all the difficult ways across the running tracker in survival games. Be careful while walking on the running tracker. If you are out of the running tracker you will be loose in the survival game, so, be ready and accept the challenge in the survival game. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, play survival games and complete your task and win these survival games. To win these survival games you have to do practice in the running tracker. Download and enjoy this puzzle on the running tracker.
Tricky levels
Realist environment in survival games
Smooth controls
Amazing Sounds effects

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What's news

Removed leftover Test UI within main screen

Download Dream Walker for Android

Download apk - 72 MB
Download apk - 72 MB

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