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The description of Drink Water Reminder - Daily Water Tracker, Record

Do you always forget to drink water regularly?
What would happen if you don’t drink enough water?

Our body is about 60% water, give or take. Water is essential to our life, but we are constantly losing water from our body through breathing, sweating, and urinating. Drinking enough water is vital to prevent dehydration. But because of bad memory or busy work, the day may end before we drink enough water.

Drink Water Reminder messages you to finish enough water intakes to stay hydrated every day. Drink Water Reminder helps you keep good water drinking habit and find unexpected benefits for health.

Drink Water Reminder Key Features
💧 Customize your daily hydration schedule
There are many different opinions on how much water you should be drinking every day. Drink Water Reminder will not calculate your hydration amount by weight or height like other apps, just set your ideal daily water drinking plan, Drink Water Reminder will notify you drink when it’s time and help you finish daily hydration plan.

🔔 Help you to reach daily hydration goal
Notifications and reminders to remember you to drink water as you prefer on reasonable time duration and will not remind you in sleep time. Help you to keep enough water intakes for your body and keep fit.

🏆 Record your daily water intake
Drink Water Reminder will remind you to drink via notification; just touch to log each drinking manually to make sure each glass of water drunk will be recorded. Drink Water Reminder will keep your every record and generate report for you to do review or analysis.

💧 Track different drink's water share
Drinks contain water with different percentage so they are hydrating. Drink Water Reminder will record almost all drink’s water share: milk, coffee, fruit juice, beer, soda, tea, soft drinks, canned soups…to make your water intakes data more accurate.

📈 Chart your water drinking history
Check graphic display of your hydration level and daily consumption by day, week and year. We will add more drinking analysis data to help you understand more about yourself.

Health benefits of drinking enough water
+Water helps you speed up metabolism.
+ Drinking more water helps you lose weight, stay in shape as clean water diet is calorie free.
+ Water can help in kidney stone, constipation, diabetes and more illnesses prevention.
+ Proper hydration keeps your nails clean and healthy.
+ Water can help hydrate the skin and reduce acne.
+ Drinking more water provides general health benefits.

Do not wait to be thirsty before you get some H2O, since thirst is a signal that your body is in dehydration already.

Keep hydrated, keep energetic, and keep healthy.

Stay with us
Email: [email protected]
Please let us know any of your feedback or feature suggestion as review, this would help a lot. We are here working on to improving.

Support Languages
English, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Arabic, Russian, Italian, Hungarian

Thank you for using this water tracker app!

What's news

-- Support modifying drink log
-- Fix other bugs and improve stability

Download Drink Water Reminder - Daily Water Tracker, Record for Android

Download apk - 6 MB

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