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File Manager & Memory Cleaner Pro allows you to seamlessly browse and manage your files, whether you're using an android tv, tablet or phone.

Simple, clean and intuitive design.

Main Features
* Navigate/rearrange your files and folders
* Move files between folders
* Play video and audio files
* Search for files
* Sideload APKs
* Delete, email and rename files and folders
* Supports list and grid view
* On tablet/phone: Extract from zip files
* Download files you own on your PC onto your device (see details below)
* Clean Memory/Cache (see details below)

Advanced Feature Details:
* Download Manager: This will allow you to download files that you own (MOV, MP4, PDF, DOCX, MP3, QT, JPG, and PNG files) directly onto your device. We do not condone piracy and it is impossible to pirate using this app - you must use files you already own that are stored/owned by you in either Dropbox or Google Drive (only works with those two for now) and generate a downloadable link. This will not work with general internet links - it will just download those as HTML, which will not be playable/useful for you. We recommend using links, which is a URL shortener. Simply feed the Dropbox/Google Drive download link into it to get a shorter link, which you can input into the app. You will then press "Convert Link” twice before pressing Download. If you just input the Dropbox or Google Drive link, you will only have to press "Convert Link" once.
* Memory Cleaner: This features lets you clean RAM and cache memory to improve your device’s performance. Note: Many of the apps on your device will have essential cache (likely 12 KB) that will not be deleted by this app. We recommend pressing the "Clean Cache" button twice. Internal and external cache will be cleared on devices that run operating systems lower than Android OS 8. Unfortunately Android OS 8 and up does not support the ability to clear internal cache for third party apps, so the button will only clear external cache on those devices. Essentially, you will not be able to delete internal cache through the app if you are running Android OS 8 or higher.

Please rate and review, as that will really help us continue to improve the app.

If you run into any issues, have questions or are unsatisfied in any way, please email us at [email protected]. We are here to help you solve any problems you may have with the app and will get back to you within 48 hours. If we can't solve your issue, we will provide you with a refund.

What's news

Added app banner for Android TV
Fixed bug preventing user from scrolling down PDF files on Android TV

Download File Manager & Memory Cleaner Pro for Android

Download apk - 26 MB

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