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The description of Hold Screen ON: Face detection

This application act as service and use front camera of your phone for face detection. When the face is detected, the application will prevent the locking of phone's screen. Just keep the screen on while you are looking on it.


* Compatibility mode: can run on almost all android devices
* Run in background
* Face detection
* Eyes detection
* Do not runs when screen goes off
* Application binding: you can choose behaviour for individual application


* When service or preview window is active, you can see a single dot (which can have different color and brightness) at the top right corner of the desktop, just behind the time. It is normal. It is a one and only possible one way to grab content from the camera of some android devices (like HTC One, Galaxy Nexus etc).

* If your front camera have low resolution or small viewing angle, try to use eyes detection instead of face detection.

* This application uses your phone's camera only during the face scanning. By default, it is 3 frame every 5 seconds. Between these intervals, you can run any other application which can lock and use the camera. Use application binding and App Launch Widget to run selected camera-dependent app.

What's news

* Important changes: "Notifications" is gone from the options menu. The notification icon now will be always visible when the service is activated. This is due to a changes in Android policy (since 4.3) related to foreground services. If foreground service is running - it should display an icon.

* Main window UI was changed: now you can swipe views.

* Launching widget design was changed.

* Many medium and low-critical bugs was fixed.

Download Hold Screen ON: Face detection for Android

Download apk - 4 MB

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