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The description of Mad Dragon Defense

🎮 Control epic four headed dragon. Each head have its own elemental spell. Just drag, aim and release to punish your enemies and take revenge for waking you up!

🎯 Test your reflex and precision in this dynamic defense shooting game.
🔬 Think fast and match most destructive spell for your targets!

-🔥 Fire Head use fireball that explode and burn multiple enemies!
-❄️ Ice Head use deadly Shards that pierce through enemies freezing anyone in its path!
-⚡ Electricity Head use Lightning that will turn your enemies into ash!
-💀 Death Head use Disintegration ray that will overheat your enemies blowing them apart!

📈 Upgrade your attacks with 37 unique upgrades. Change your spells into weapon of mass destruction!
Set up powerful mines or summon 4 different dragonlings to fight on your side.

✨ Use powerful runes and see the world burn! You get them for free every day!
- Armageddon is powerful combination of Disintegration And flames!
- Blizzard is powerful combination of ice shards and Lightning!
- Time Shift slows down time and let you finish enemies off!

👓 Explore mad world where humans are riding on giant insects.
Defend against endless armies and destroy their war machines.
Every 10 rounds you unlock new boss and endless challenge. Charge on your enemies, fight off zombies, defeat lich and others unique enemies.

🎃 Customize your dragon with 80 visual items.
Skins let you change the base black dragon into red, green, blue, bone or zombie dragon.
Choose your equipment from many helmets, armors and wings to become:
samurai, knight, wizard, Soldier, rock star, princess, Pirate, sheriff and many more!
Skins can be combined with helmets, armors and wings with no limits except your imagination!

Mod info

Unlimited Mony

What's news

Update 1.3 is here!
- Try out first 20 levels of new campaign.
- Jump into the future and meet advanced technology of Dwarfs empire.
- Fight Extreme bosses with unique bead system and multiple special attacks.
- Check out 2 new challenges.
- Next levels are coming soon!

Download Mad Dragon Defense for Android

Download apk - 30 MB
Download apk - 25 MB
Download mp4 - 8 MB

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