MlesTalk: char-based messenger 1.6.11


The description of MlesTalk - Open Char-by-Char Messenger

MlesTalk is an open-source character-by-character messenger between users on the same channel. See how everyone is writing their messages, character by character! Exchange thoughts faster! Avoid centralized services of big corporations, their data collection and the sale of your personal metadata. Your metadata is your data with MlesTalk.

Key features:
* See messages character-by-character!
* Multichannel support
* UTF8-support, emojis, images and audio messages are supported
* Respects privacy fully, does not collect any user information
* Message notifications while in the background
* Channels' user presence with back-button
* Uses TLS encrypted transport familiar from banking connections to a WebSocket-server, which does not leak any information to big corporations
* Automated ephemeral key exchange with different font colour for group real-time messaging within the channel
* Easy on battery

Messaging supports both asynchronous and real-time communications. In addition to a unique username and shared channel, you will need to pick a shared key (i.e a shared password) with other channel users. You can share your new channel with friends without MlesTalk easily with provided QR-code internet-link or use it on a browser yourself.

By purchasing MlesTalk you support its existing internet server infrastructure and further development. Thank you!

Connectivity is based on the Mles-Websocket protocol. You can freely change the server where to connect to in the channel creation. It is possible to set up your own server too! Please see for more information.

What's news

* Splashscreen support
* Android 12 support

Download MlesTalk - Open Char-by-Char Messenger for Android

Download apk - 1 MB

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