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Creators of Blyss and UNWYND bring you their next title, Neo Angle.

Neo Angle is a minimal puzzle game inspired by retro visuals, neon artstyle and 80s Synth music, developed by Yan Sokalau and folks at Dropout Games.

Experience Neo Angle's polished, mind-bending, minimal puzzles with 75+ levels and extra-ordinary design..

Thank You for supporting Yan and the Dropout Games team.


Neo Angle supplies just the right mix of relaxation, challenge, and fun. - 4/5 - Touch Arcade

A clever, good looking puzzler that's got enough going on under the hood - 8/10 - Pocket Gamer

The fun in Neo Angle is in the constant frustration. If you’re someone who loves Sudoku, logic puzzles, crosswords or taking IQ tests recreationally, Neo Angle is a fast way to exercise your geo-spatial reasoning. - 4/5 - Gamezebo

Neo Angle is a challenging puzzle game that will get your brain working. The visuals are a great homage to the classic ‘80s, and the music is definitely something you can groove to.
- App Advice


- A new take on Neon Art Style with a 2D design in a 3D space.
- 75+ levels
- Innovative puzzle mechanics
- Yury Savitski's Original composition inspired by the 80s retro synth music.
- Hand-Crafted levels
- Diverse range of level elements to keep it fresh and challenging
- Hyper Minimalistic UI


Support: [email protected]
Publishing Enquiries: [email protected]

What's news

Version 1.0 Launch!

Download Neo Angle - Retro 3D Puzzle for Android

Download apk - 34 MB
Download mp4 - 1 MB

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