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The description of Periodically - Track Events & Get Predictions

'Periodically' allows you to keep track of events that repeat after an undetermined number of days, like for example:

- Events that happen periodically but beyond your control.
- Tasks and chores you do regularly but without a fixed repetition cycle.

Additionally, you can also use ‘Periodically’ as a habit tracker or as a day counter (to count the days since an event happened).


The app will predict the dates when your events will happen again (or when you should do your chores again).

The more occurrences you track, the more accurate the predictions will be.


Color plays an important role in ‘Periodically’. Organize your events by color for a quick and easy visualization.

For example, if you use the app as a chore tracker, you could assign a blue color to your cleaning tasks. Or if you use the app as a day counter, you could assign a red color to the events that count when you last called someone.

And for a better organization, you can sort your events by name, color or urgency.


When you sort events by urgency, the app uses a smart algorithm to calculate the urgency level.

For example, an event that happens about once a week and is one day delayed is more urgent than an event that happens about once a year and is two days delayed.


‘Periodically’ provides you with different types of reminders:

- Prediction reminders, which warn you when an event is about to happen again (or when you should do a chore again).
- Lateness reminders, which warn you when an event or chore is late.
- Interval reminders, which warn you a specific number of days after the last occurrence of an event.

These reminders are optional for each event and you can combine them as you like. So for each event, you can enable all reminders, some of them or none of them.


The app will show you detailed statistics about your events and chores.

Those statistics will allow you to:

- See how each event is affecting your life.
- Uncover new data about yourself.
- Detect patterns.
- Take appropriate measures if needed.


You can use ‘Periodically’:

- As a chore tracker in general, to keep track of chores (and know when they should be done again).
- To remember when you last did something.
- To track migraines and headaches (and predict when they will happen again).
- To track medical symptoms in general.
- To keep track of maintenance work (housekeeping, cleaning, shopping, watering plants, changing the cat litter, getting a haircut, etc).
- As a day counter in general (to count days since an event).
- As a daily habit tracker.


'Periodically' is still young and for that reason we need your support. If you like the app and find it useful please leave us a nice review, it really helps. And if you have any suggestions let us know too, we'd love to hear them!

Thanks a lot!

What's news

👉 Improvements to the algorithm that sorts events by urgency
👉 New interval reminder for events
👉 Now you can sort events by urgency
👉 More colors for events: yellow, lime, cyan
👉 Colors are sorted by rainbow order now
👉 Optimizations for Android 13
👉 Monochrome icon for Android 13
👉 Design changes

Download Periodically - Track Events & Get Predictions for Android

Periodically-Track Periodic-Events-1.1.apk
Download apk - 4 MB

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