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The description of Pocket Farming Tycoon: Idle

Have you are thought about building a farm empire and being a rich farmer billionaire? Become an idle billionaire manager in this new tycoon clicker simulator game. Earn idle money to become a rich millionaire tycoon!


Build up, upgrade and expand your millionaire farming empire in this capitalist tap clicker game. Improve your productivity by automating your specialized farms by investing in your new managers and level up their earnings.
Your farmer will take care of harvesting your crops plants like corn, wheat, hay, coffee, potato, tomato, rice, cabbage, tea or tropical fruit, and farm animals like cow, goat, kettle, sheep, or chicken, even mining resources such as coal, stone or iron.
Pocket Farming Tycoon: Idle is different from other idle clicker games because your crops have to be also transported to the village. As much as you will transport the harvest to the village, the village will grow up and become a city soon. You will transport crops from your farm by ferry and later by boat, ship, fast train, or faster airplane.
You will maximize your earning profits and your farming empire will boost a huge growth up the city by delivering the crops to the city. Your farming empire can be improved also by researching new technologies and building a factory. Easily our empire will become a vegetable farm, ranch farm, animal farm, and the most profitable farm in the world. You will merge the harvest for creating lemonade or juice. Juice farm can be merged to lemonade farm.
Play now this harvesting and transporting farm frenzy game.


★ Become a famous farmer tycoon
★ Earn double profit by upgrading your transport fleet
★ Manage your farmworkers to be more effective
★ Upgrade your cars, ferry, ship and airplane
★ Automate your transport for faster delivery


★ Transport crops to city and make your people happy
★ Grow your village to city
★ Build up, upgrade and expand your farming empire as your city grows
★ Plant, grow, mine and harvest various types of crops
★ Boost your business with unique research tree


★ Be an idle farm tycoon
★ Manage your managers for profitable empire
★ Produce a juice or lemonade & get more money
★ Be a transport tycoon
★ Lovely animals will help you increase profit


★ Enjoy the awesome feeling of being rich
★ Invest your earning to your farm or research
★ Build up your farms and ranches
★ Join billionaire league and compete with others
★ Play online or offline on your phone

Got questions or feedback? Let's us know to [email protected]

❤️Created and developed with love by Titan Arrow Games!
Enjoy the game!❤️

Mod info

Unlimited Mony

What's news

Update 0.5.1 is available!
- Technical update
- Bug fixing

Enjoy the game and stay tuned for next update.
Thank you for all your feedback and reviews.
You are amazing!

Download Pocket Farming Tycoon: Idle for Android

Download apk - 88 MB
Download apk - 71 MB

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