Scientia │ Science & Tech News (PRO) 5.1.2


The description of Scientia │ Science & Tech News

Scientia is a news app mainly centered around Science and Technology. It shows articles from for a wide range of topics ranging from Astronomy to Microbiology and everything in between. You can also add topics of your own if you want to.

Some of the features are

Material Design : Scientia is developed with Material Design principles in mind which make it a joy to use. Read articles without any distractions in a simple layout that you'll get used to in no time.

Topics : Browse through the already defined topics such as
• Physics
• Nanotechnology
• Earth
• Astronomy
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Technology
Or add your own topics to browse articles of. No need to add custom RSS URLs.

Save for later : You can save any article to read later when you're free. You can access saved articles by going to the saved section in the left menu.

Notifications : Get notifications every morning about the latest developments.

Themes : Select between Light and Dark themes to suit you mood. Or set it to auto to match other apps.

What's news

v 6.0.1
- New design to improve focus on legibility and readability. All the screens are clear and easier to read without any distractions.
- New 'Auto' theme that switches between light and dark mode based on the device. The manual option is still here
- Many many bug-fixes and lots of performance improvements. The app will feel generally much smoother and easier to use now
- Removed all ads completely

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