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The description of Tales of Illyria:Destinies

Tales of Illyria Trilogy declared one of "The Ten Best Android Games of All Time" by Hardcore Droid

Destinies is the third game in the Tales of Illyria trilogy of RPGs...

The Closest Thing to a Dice, Pen and Paper RPG on mobile. Thrilling storytelling, make thousands of story altering decisions, not read walls of text. Every choice has a consequence!

Rise as the hero of your own story as you struggle to survive in a world where demons and dysentery could plague your every step. Choose your name, appearance, gender and one of six kingdom origins. Each origin will have their own unique questline to pursue at your leisure.

Don't want a personal quest? Make your own adventure. Become a mercenary and hire strong allies to battle at your side. Fight in the arena, sail the seas to distant ports, hunt down dragons, zombies and bandits, save that village, or rob that merchant caravan because you really, really need the gold.

Earn a high enough reputation and kings will ask you to perform secret missions against rival kingdoms. Gain the favor of royalty, and you will receive estates, noble titles, and eternal glory.

Tales of Illyria is a party-based RPG hybrid where you manage your supplies and fortunes while traveling in a challenging, open-world environment. Each party member has their own quest, and distinct personalities that will react differently to every hard choice you make on your adventures. What will your story be?


• 60+ hours of gameplay
• A fantasy adventure story you make your own
• 12 unique party members to hire, train, equip and level up
• Dozens of unique monsters to fight for loot and XP
• Hunt exotic animals and harvest plants to feed your party
• Jungle, savanna, forest, desert and mountain environments
• 6 kingdoms each with villages, castles, cities, dungeons and islands to visit
• Turn based tactical combat, win loot, gain XP and level up

How to install Tales of Illyria:Destinies OBB

  1. ق تثبت ملف APK الذي ت تنيله
  2. اسخراج ونسخ مجلد "ep3.littlekillerz.ringstrail" إل "Android/Obb/"
  3. ابدأ التطبي استمع

What's news

Fixed PDF Viewing & Colored the action bar black, looks much better.

Download Tales of Illyria:Destinies for Android

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Download zip - 1022 MB
Download mp4 - 14 MB

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