Classic Watch Face: Courser – Wear Smartwatches 1.7.39

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The description of Classic Watch Face: Courser - Wear Smartwatches

Experience an excellent time piece for your smartwatch. Courser Classic watch face will allow you to go the course and track time like none other. The watch face boasts many complications such as multiple moving bezels, an analog and digital stopwatch, and custom complications. The bezels rotate and work with the analog hands to add functionality. Customize the information panels. Both analog and digital displays are available. Digital display can be set to 12 or 24 hour modes. There are millions of color combinations to choose from. Download courser classic watch face for your Android Wear OS smartwatch clock today!

Instructions for using the watch, including the bezels and the stopwatch, are included in the app for download.

• Enhanced time reading experience
• Smooth hour, minute and second hands
• Real working moving bezels
• Analog and Digital stopwatch complication
• Multiple bezel complications
• Custom Wear OS complications
• Timer bezel
• Stopwatch bezel
• Compass Bezel
• Second timezone bezel (with added 24 hour timezone hand)
• Day, date, and month
• steps counter
• Millions of color combinations
• lock bezel and stopwatch touches separately
• Both Analog and Digital time
• 12 and 24 hour modes
• A refined time telling experience

This is the best android wear watch face for your smartwatch wearable. It works well with round or square android wear smartwatches.

Works for most round & square smartwatches including:
Android Wear 2.0

Our watch faces for your wear os watch are a perfect addition to your wear os watches experience. This wear os app is by far one of the best wear os apps on the app store for its category. This app is up to par with the best wear os watches for a watch face custom solution that you will enjoy. Download this watch face custom for your best wear os watches.

Be sure to have Wear OS installed on your android device. The watch face will appear on the Google Play app directly on your smartwatch. Scroll down to find the watch face and download it to your watch from your phone.

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Made a change to app code.

Download Classic Watch Face: Courser - Wear Smartwatches for Android

Download apk - 4 MB

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