Early Bird Alarm Clock (PRO) 7.0.19

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The description of Early Bird Alarm Clock

Are you looking for an app that can replace the default alarm?
Do you need an alarm that wakes you up reliably?
Do you want to schedule complex tasks?
Do you want to wake up feeling good?

You've come to the right place. Early Bird Alarm will take care of your morning!

Key Features
🧩 Combine various missions
By combining missions such as dictation, math problems, and QR codes, you'll have no choice but to wake up.

🎵 Wake up to a different sound every day.
Prevent falling back asleep unintentionally due to overly familiar alarm sounds.

📅 Complex repetitions
You can manually select specific dates or create patterns for complex scheduling.

🌧️ Today's weather and schedule
Display weather and schedule information along with the alarm, allowing you to plan your day. It helps you consider if you can sleep a little longer.

🌈 Various themes
Offer a range of themes to choose from, including Android 13's dynamic color with dark mode, or customize according to your preferences.

🌅 Pleasant Morning
Start your day with a pleasant morning by waking up to your favorite song, your favorite photos, and your favorite quotes.

🎸 Etc.
Features include headphone alarm mode to avoid disturbing others, stopwatch and timer as essential clock functions, backup/restore when changing devices, and Android reading out the time while the alarm is ringing, allowing you to know the time even with your eyes closed.

Permission Information
These permissions are required to display the screen when the alarm rings.

This permission is necessary to retrieve location information for weather updates.

This permission is required for voice recognition missions.

This permission is necessary to display the status of alarms, timers, and stopwatches.

This permission is required to display events on the clock and alarm screen.

These permissions are necessary to use the user's audio files as alarm tones.

This permission is required to display photos on the alarm screen.

This permission is necessary for QR code mission

What's news

- Added a skip button to the next alarm notification
- Fixed a bug where notifications would block the screen
- Banner ad position changed
- Inactive alarms sorted when sorted by upcoming alarms
- Fixed timer button bug
- Added copy function to the phrase management screen
- Bugs fixed

Download Early Bird Alarm Clock for Android

Download apk - 17 MB

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