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The description of Planetarium Zen Solar System +

Planetarium 2 - Zen Odyssey has been released! An much improved sequel built from the ground up! Prepare for the next generation space experience.

Planetarium Zen Solar System is a physics based space simulator that provides an open-ended sandbox experience. View gravity simulations, planetary collisions and grasp the beauty of our universe.

Create, destroy, and interact with our universe!


◆ Expansive Sandbox Experience. Explore the vast space sandbox in Planetarium Zen Solar System. Travel and fly across the universe and visit planets, dwarf planets and moons. Walk on planets and fly around your simulations to gain a first-person experience.

◆ Planetary Collisions. Launch planetary bodies and asteroids to view planetary collisions on an astronomical level. Epic collisions of massive planetary bodies. Hurl planets and everyday objects and watch gravitational physics in action.

◆ Create & Terraform Planets. Sculpt your very own planet with atmosphere, clouds and planetary rings. Add water or create mountains and watch your new planet rotate in awe. Procedurally generate infinite planet variations.

◆ Milky Way Galaxy Generator. Procedurally generate galaxies which consists of millions of stars. View stunning randomised coloured spiral patterns. Travel and discover new experiences. View the entire milky way and its neighbouring galaxies.

◆ Simulate Gravity. Increase or decrease orbit simulation. Watch planets collide in slow-motion or increase the simulation speed to see mesmerising physics and beautiful effects.

◆ Discover and Learn. Read facts and learn about the planets, moons and historical space probes, satellites, rovers and more. View detailed models of the ISS, Apollo Lunar Launch Module, Space Shuttle Atlantis, Voyager, Pioneer, New Horizons and the Curiosity Rover. Listen to the Golden Records that was sent on the Voyager to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, intended for any intelligent extra-terrestrial life form, or for future humans, who may find them. Watch astronauts drift in space.

◆ Interact and Control. Drive the curiosity rover on Mars, Lift off from the surface of the moon with the Lunar Launch Module. Blast off with the space shuttle from the surface of the Earth and seamlessly enter space.

◆ Awe-Inspiring Views. Beautiful high quality graphics. Select skybox options and watch the sunset on planets in first-person. Walk on Uranus, Saturn and Earth. Follow asteroids hurling towards you. Detailed Moon and Mars landscapes.

◆ Zen Experience. Interact and unwind in relaxation. Touch and interact with various planets and relax to the soothing and calming soundtrack. Planetarium Zen Solar System promotes peace, tranquillity and a ease of mind.

◆ Player Freedom. No in-app purchases, No intrusive or unnecessary permissions.

Currently some Dwarf planets such as Ceres,MakeMake,Eris and Haumea are not available for close up views. There may be several moons missing but the solar system will be updated over time. Please note the simulation is not to scale. Thank you.


Email: [email protected]

What's news

• Many users experienced confusion in starting the application from the intro screen. "Now Loading" text is now visible on the start screen.

• All Discoveries have been unlocked in the Discoveries menu. Have fun and enjoy!

Download Planetarium Zen Solar System + for Android

Download apk - 96 MB

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