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The description of Venus Browser - Private, Download, Games & More

Browser Internet - Super Fast is the best Web browser available for Android devices. Other important features of the app are Private Browser, Adblocker and Video Downloader. This is the fast internet app with the page loading faster than other browsers on android devices. So download this app for the best internet viewing experience.

The below are the core features:
Private Browser:
App offers private browsing also known as incognito mode to keep your data or history private. Incognito tab will not allow search engines or website cookies to track the activity of user. This will help you in maintaining privacy while surfing and keep data private.

Video Downloader:
You can download the videos from your favorite websites seamlessly. Just look for the video download icon while visiting any websites and you can download the videos and store on to your device.

One of the best Adblocker solution available in the play store. It provides in-built AdBlock functionality to block all the ads and browse seamlessly.

Private browser app for Internet:
This is the best alternate browser for Android devices with all the important features inbuilt like Adblocker, Downloaders etc.

Web Browser
Use this web browser for secure browsing on the web without worrying about privacy and security on the internet.

Surfing internet on this app is totally safe & secure. This prevents you from any spurious third-party activity or any unauthorized websites or content access. This is the best mobile internet application available free on play store with goo user experience on the devices.

Key Features:
- Incognito Mode: Private browser without saving any history.
- Loads pages faster
- Video Downloader
- Block Ads: Best Adblocker
- Private Browser
- Downloader
- Internet
- Dynamic Homepage
- Bookmarks
- History
- Popular default search engines
- Secure & Private

Key Advantages

Super Fast:
It takes less time to load content, videos or downloading large file. In simple words the speed of the app is very high. So it saves not only time & money but also increase efficiency of the user by browsing quickly and efficiently.

One of the best Adblocker available in the play store. It provides in-built AdBlock functionality to block all the ads and browse seamlessly.

Internet app for Android:
It is the best internet for safe, secure and fast browsing. It provides multiple search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo for best search experience.

About Browser Internet - Super Fast
Our mission is to provide safe, secure, fast and hassle free mobile web browser with good experience to Android users. We enhance web surfing experience using our smart & unique features. There are multiple options in web world but we try our best to make our Web browser smarter, lighter & faster.
We want to provide best internet solution for all your browsing needs. We always thrive to provide secure private browser app for the mobile users.
We would like to be one stop app related to internet explorer for android

Please write your suggestion to [email protected]. We love hearing the feedback from you to improve the product further.

We hope you love using our faster, safest, private browser for Android.
If you are happy please leave us a 5 star rating and review!

Download Venus Browser - Private, Download, Games & More for Android

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