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Wake Up Alarm

The description of Wake Up Alarm

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Wake Up Alarm is an intuitively designed alarm clock application to help you overcome the struggle of waking up in the morning.

Mini-games: In addition to the usual way for waking the user up in the morning, the app offers a variety of mini-games, which are designed to help the user to wake up in a cheerful and effective way.

Wake up with smile: The list of mini-games offers a wide range of challenges from classically inspired retro games to solving puzzles like math problems and shaking your phone. All challenges are designed to help you wake up your mind and body in a natural way. Not sure which task to choose? Well, you can choose our random task option to solve different task every morning.

Prevent yourself from falling back to sleep: Disable or limit the snooze option in the Settings to force yourself to wake up with the first alarm. Combination of disabled snooze and a mini-game will make waking up as efficient as possible.

Pick your favorite theme color: Personalize the app to match your style by picking any color you want and setting it up as the main theme color.

Start the day with your favorite tunes: You don’t need to set up only predefined ringtones for your scheduled alarms. Choose any of the songs from your music library or even a playlist and make your favorite song be the first thing you hear after you wake up.

Lower the volume while playing: You can choose to lower or mute the alarm volume after you pick up the phone so that you can enjoy or concentrate on playing the selected mini-game. Maybe you want to listen the song until the end? You can turn this option on or off in the Settings.

Never forget to set up an alarm again: This application provides all the options you would expect from an alarm clock: setting multiple alarms, repeating alarms every day or only on specified days of the week, predefined snooze time for a few additional minutes of sleep, and much more.

Additional functionalities: Besides waking up, you may want to use the Timer functionality which is perfect when cooking. Also, Stopwatch helps you measure the time of your runs, training, etc.

Available languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian

What's news

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- Challenging new game: Memorize pattern
- Like us on FB to get Crossroads for free
- Users have spoken: Alarms cannot be dismissed through notifications during the game, or snoozed if there are no snoozes remaining
- App crashing when Playlist selected bug solved, note that the playlist has to be created in Google Play Music
- Getting into the app through lock screen notification bug fixed
- Performance improved

Download Wake Up Alarm for Android

Download apk - 18 MB

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