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The description of Angry King: Scary Pranks

King Richard, a tyrannical and very wrathful monarch, rules with an iron fist over all his subjects from inside his castle. No one dares to stand up to him because of his cruelty and temper. Only the local prankster, Leonard Goodfellow, dares to infiltrate his castle with the intention of playing pranks on him and making him look ridiculous in front of the people so that he loses the authority and respect he has gained through force and terror.

Take on the role of Leonard and explore the king's castle preparing the wittiest pranks while avoiding capture by the king and his guards.

Discover a new way to play the Keplerians universe. Solve puzzles to prank the Angry King and enjoy the results of your pranks.

Main features:
★New villain: Confront the angry king and his guards and manage to make a fool of him to ruin his reputation.
★New scenario: Explore the castle where the king lives and discover all the rooms and secrets it hides.
★Fun puzzles: Solve clever puzzles to play pranks on king Richard.
★New mission-based puzzle system: The game is divided into different pranks so you can play at your own pace and save your progress.
★New inventory system: Carry multiple items with you at once and combine them to create new ones.
★Original soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the Angry King universe with unique music of the game.
★Hint and mission system: If you get stuck, you have at your disposal a complete step-by-step guide so you always know what to do next.
★A terrifyingly fun game suitable for everyone!

If you want to enjoy a new experience of fantasy, terror and fun from the Keplerians universe, play "Angry king" now. Action and scares are guaranteed.
It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.
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What's news

- Bug fixes
- Several game improvements

Download Angry King: Scary Pranks for Android

Download apk - 164 MB


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