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Big Font Change Font Size Larger Font

The description of Enlarge Font: Enlarge text, Larger font

👉👉👉 Are you facing with the problems of too small font on your phone or tablet and you want to change the text size?

Or the font size is normal but it is quite hard to see easily because you often see bigger font on your devices.
Or might be you have eyes issue and you want to enlarge font on your mobile.

👉👉👉 All the problems above will be solved by ONE CLICK with this app and you can completely change text size?

Big Font - Change Font Size is a produced to help all people in the world to read text and number more clearly and rapidly on Android OS. Change Font Size is a simple tool to help you change system font size from 50% to 240% (2.4x larger) on your devices. And also this is free application!


🍀 FREE (forever)
🍀 Simple interface but perfectly smart
🍀 Display clear font size preview before select size
🍀 Allowing enlarge font size from 50% to 240%
🍀 Display exact increased percentage of font after selection
🍀 Reset default font size (100%) by one touch
🍀 This is not font changer but this is the best choice to resize font for old people and anyone who feel hard to look at small font.

All people in the world who wanna get tool enlarge font for them and their friend or relatives will have the best free app right here.

️🏆 HOW TO USE ️🏆

🍀 Open Bigfont (Change Font Size)
🍀 See preview larger font size to select
🍀 Touch "Aplly" to choose big font size
🍀 Touch "Yes" to aplly changing
🍀 Now the suitable sizeup font is set up. You close bigfont
🍀 Well done. Reset device and Larger font is now appear on your phone!

All the thing you do is one touch and restart then Change Font Size do the rest !

This application is produced to help the elderly and people have problems with eyes can have clearer view on the phone. Therefore, all the high rating and sharing will help us a lot to wide spread this tool to help old-aged people and vision-issued people.

Big thanks for your support!

What's news

Updated functions in v1.5.2:
Fix Issue relates to Google Play Policy In term of Ads and Function
★ Bigger Font Support Android 9 (Android P)
★ New languages supported
★ Fix bugs and app speed
★ Improve application performance
★ Quick notification bar to enlarge font
★ Notify setting ON/OFF
★ Optimize app storage
★ Working Perfectly on Android 7 & 8
★ Support 99.9% Phone & Tablets
★ Return to default system font size by one touch

Download Enlarge Font: Enlarge text, Larger font for Android

Download apk - 5 MB


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