CPU Monitor – Antivirus, Clean (PRO) 2.0.9

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The description of CPU Cooler - Cooling Master, Phone Cleaner Booster

CPU Monitor - Cleaner, Antivirus is a powerful and free app for android. It can monitor the device’s CPU usage and frequency real time, analyze the causes of phone overheating, monitor the battery temperature (approximate temperature of the phone or CPU), and provide efficient tips to cool down your phone.

CPU Monitor also provides other functions including junk cleaner, virus cleaner, app manager, battery monitor. It can help to clean your phone to release more space, provide protection from viruses, malware.

CPU Monitor:
CPU Monitor feature can monitor the CPU usage and frequency, analyze the history data, and support the multi-core CPU monitoring, provide efficient cooler tips to prevent phone from overheating.

Junk Cleaner:
The junk cleaner feature can display the phone storage and RAM usage, and help to release more storage space. It scans your phone for unnecessary junk files and residual files that slow down your phone. And it removes them to free up more storage space for your android phone.

Virus Cleaner:
CPU Monitor - Virus Cleaner is a free antivirus engine certified by TRUSTLOOK. It scans your phone for viruses or malware and removes them to protect your phone's security.

App Manager:
The app manager feature allows you to back up or uninstall applications on your phone and delete the installed Android package file (app APK) if necessary.

Battery Monitor:
It can display the status of device's battery, including the battery power status, temperature, health, remaining time and other detail information.

Device information:
Provide detail information about the device, including device model, CPU, system, screen, camera, and more.

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What's news

Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Download CPU Cooler - Cooling Master, Phone Cleaner Booster for Android

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